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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Blizzard Entertainment, Activision
Nov 28, 2022 - PC

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80 / 100
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8.3 / 10
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4 / 5
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Critic Reviews for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Dragonflight isn't the most thrilling expansion in the MMO's lineage, but it's a fresh start, which is a rare thing for a 20-year-old videogame to get.

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Dragonflight is a sharply-written and breathtaking experience for the first few dozen hours, but suffers from somewhat threadbare endgame options.

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With a newfound emphasis on exploration and adventure, one game-changing feature in the form of dragonriding, and largely successful overhauls of old staples like professions and talents, the latest expansion for Blizzard's storied MMORPG soars.

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Impressive efforts with a few noticeable problems holding them back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash.

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Dragonflight feels like one of the best things to happen for World of Warcraft in sometime. Its reworks of base systems are fun and enjoyable, but its new content really stands out as impressive. Players will find exploring on their faithful companion, whether on the ground or in the sky, is quite the fun time, and the Dragon Isles themselves are well worth the journey. It may feel like jumping in the deep end here for newbies, but top to bottom, Dragonflight still feels like a great reason to play WoW.

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Blizzard renews World of Warcraft with a good expansion from several points of view; however who knows what qualitative peaks it could have reached with a pinch of extra creative courage.

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Unknown Author
17 / 20

Dragonflight is an expansion rich in major new features based more on exploration and history. No more endless farming of an essential resource for the evolution of your character as was the case with the prodigious power, or more recently the Anima in previous expansions. Even though the game is technically aging, the art direction is still enjoyable and, in a way, the game still beautiful. The atmospheres are varied, the scenery is huge and the music is always pleasant to listen to (special mention to the theme of dragon flight races). Many hours of fun in perspective.

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With Dragonflight, Blizzard has done an exceptional job at breathing life into a game that had been floundering. This is thanks to a fun campaign that anyone can enjoy, an adventurous spirit at the heart of the world, satisfying dragonriding, as well as a location full of stories and secrets to unearth. This is as good a jumping on point for the game as ever, and it's likely the best there will be for some time. After such a tumultuous time for the MMO, this feels like a clean break – a new beginning and a recapturing of the spirit that made the release back in 2004 so captivating. If you're a lapsed player, or even a new one, scared by the sheer weight of 18 years of backlog, Dragonflight sheds most of that. It truly feels like the triumphant return for World of Warcraft and I can't wait to see what's next.

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