New Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja Reviews

New Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja is ranked in the -1th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
Dec 13, 2022

Microids, the company behind some great remakes like Flashback, North and South and Toki have returned with a remake of Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja. While it’s a decent release on the surface, the more you dive in, the more you wish you were just playing the original.

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2.7 / 10.0
Dec 12, 2022

As a fan of the original Joe and Mac, I must say that NEW Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja is a huge disappointment as it features frustrating difficulty, floaty gameplay, and it's even missing some core elements that made the classic arcade game stand out as special.

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55 / 100
Dec 11, 2022

New Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja is just for the desperate who want the same old-school gameplay. Those that have never ventured into the series might not find anything special or unique about this remake. Regardless, any that consider buying the game should highly consider at least an initial price reduction or maybe new updates, if ever.

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65 / 100
Dec 7, 2022

Among the formulas that the wide spectrum of videogames presents today to return to games from the past, NEW Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja chooses to be very classic... that is... what was in the original arcade, and something else in its extended mode. But with a redone in the graphic and sound section. Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja was an arcade game that was as fun as it was hard, and that is given to us at the end of 2022. Not much has been touched, except for things on some levels -for better or worse-, in a title that was so hard when you tossed a coin playing alone, like fun and well focused when you had another colleague with another hair color and loincloth. It lacks more content to be a revival, but it will not take so long. And that it is still impossible to forget in the original and this remake the great visual identity and the leiv motiv of the plot.

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Tom Hynes
Dec 3, 2022

New Joe & Mac – Caveman Ninja doesn’t match up to the charm of the original, despite the beautifully created art. The gameplay is often frustrating and unbalanced, new mechanics included make the experience unnecessarily hard, and it’s quite barren for its price tag. With enemy pathing and aggressiveness really over the top, and the remixed sounds barely audible, you might be better served sticking with the original despite the extensive support coming post-launch

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7 / 10.0
Dec 2, 2022

New Joe & Mac reminded me a lot of Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection. It has its audience of retro arcade platformer enthusiasts who will be drawn towards gorgeous visuals and what they call “challenging gameplay”, but at the end of the day, it’s a brutally unfair game filled to the brim with difficulty-increasing mechanics implemented in order to extend its duration. It has its charm, I won’t lie, especially with these gorgeous visuals, but this isn’t the easiest of recommendations.

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6.4 / 10.0
Nov 29, 2022

This “classic” is back, with an authentic modern-look version, but whether that’s a good thing is up for debate

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