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Redemption Reapers

Adglobe , Binary Haze Interactive
Feb 22, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

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68 / 100
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5 / 10
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85 / 100
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7.5 / 10
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5 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Redemption Reapers

Despite a lack of imagination in its story and setting, Redemption Reapers is not without appeal. Strong production values, excellent music, and solid core combat mechanics promise an engaging experience. Its stabs at originality are both appreciated and a mixed success. Better balance, less oppressive mechanics, and shorter, streamlined missions could make Redemption Reapers an attractive choice for fans of tactical RPGs.

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Despite having some fun wrinkles on the tactical RPG formula, Redemption Reapers is too frustrating in its early levels to justify the thin plot and undeveloped characters. The music is the only consistently stellar part of the game, which is let down by uneven visuals and poor gameplay balance. You're better off looking elsewhere for your tactical RPG fix on Switch.

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Redemption Reapers is a strange, sometimes admirable, and sometimes frustrating tactical RPG. It has several intriguing components conceptually, both in its narrative and mechanics. But in places it falters in execution, leaving behind an uneven though interesting experience.

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After the great success of Ender Lilies, we expected that Redemption Reapers could follow the same virtuous path of the previous game. The reality is that despite some good gameplay mechanics, everything seems like an early access game.

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A dark fantasy TRPG with an engaging story told by high quality dialogue and animation. Combat is intense and small-scale, controlling only up to five characters. An enjoyable bet of challenging strategy but without going to extremes of other titles of this genre.

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The guys from Adglobe keep bringing us unexpected gems after that ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights. On this occasion with Redemption Reapers they share part of the setting but they completely veer from the genre, although they do it, again, with a wonderful bill. The graphics, very nice, the music, with the necessary epic that extols the whole, some cinematics that finish putting the tie and a playable development that, although it does not come to revolutionize, like its story, they easily fulfill what is expected .

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Redemption Reapers is a brutal strategy RPG where every move you make can be the difference between success and defeat. While the game might be unapproachable to start, there are moments of true joy to be felt for those who are willing to put in the effort. Although to get there, you’ll have to be willing to take multiple punches to the jaw after trying to get through the UI.

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The game itself is competently executed, and if I try really hard to ignore the rip-off side of things, I would call it a decent game. But even then it has some pretty significant flaws. So while I did derive some enjoyment from it, due to its rough edges (among other things) it’s really hard to recommend to anyone unless you’re a die-hard tactical RPG fan who doesn’t want to own a Nintendo system and/or doesn’t like the Fire Emblem or even the Final Fantasy Tactics IPs. Which is unfortunate, because I really wanted to be able to; there are not a lot of good games in this genre that are available on PC that I can simply name offhand.

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