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Tents and Trees

Frozax Games, Frozax Games
Mar 14, 2023 - Nintendo Switch

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9.5 / 10
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Tents & Trees Puzzles, Trailer 2022

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Critic Reviews for Tents and Trees

Tents and Trees is a phenomenal logic puzzler with a never-ending amount of content. Buy it!

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If you're looking for more Picross on Switch that's more than just your standard issue Jupiter releases, Tents & Trees is amazing, making for a novel twist on a logic puzzle game staple. With the excellent style and the ample daily puzzles, this is one I'll be revisiting for a long time.

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Tents and Trees is a solid nonograms game that does a good job of handling the twists it has for the player. The board limitations make for some very interesting puzzles, while the casual nature of the game and generous hint system don't scare away those who aren't already well versed in this type of game. With a near-limitless supply of puzzles at hand, Tents and Trees is a great recommendation for anyone who is a big fan of the genre.

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Overall, Tents and Trees is a great puzzle game that is both challenging and relaxing. The game’s simple yet effective design and intuitive gameplay make it accessible to players of all skill levels. It is nothing very new, but at the same time, what it does, it does it well. In conclusion, Frozax Games’ Tents and Trees is a solid puzzle game worth checking out for puzzle enthusiasts looking for a casual yet challenging experience. With its sometimes brain-scratching challenges, cute visuals, and engaging level design, Tents and Trees is an excellent addition to any puzzle game collection.

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Taking the base Picross formula and adding in some extra rules and complications works out quite well here, indeed

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