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Dusklight , Akupara Games
Apr 20, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Zoeti

Zoeti is a neat concept that desperately needs more polish. The poker gameplay setup might not be as fun to me as the standard deck-builder, but I still enjoyed it, and I could see myself getting deeper into it if I were more interested in the card game. The art style is cute and charming, and the characters are amusing enough. The bugs and general lackluster presentation drags it down, but it can still be fun. Zoeti is just going to struggle with distinguishing itself in a very full market.

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Zoeti is a unique twist on the traditional card battle game that feels more like battle poker. The music can get a bit repetitive along with the recycled character images but is still a fun time.

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Despite its niggles, there’s a lot to like about Zoeti: its poker hand twist on typical card-based battler gameplay makes it stand out from the crowd. Add to that its beautiful 2D animation – and a surprisingly excellent soundtrack – and you’ve got a unique roguelike that we can see ourselves returning to again and again. With a bit of polish, it really could be a stand-out title in the genre.

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A unique and more poker-like take on battles helps to differentiate this deckbuilder, but it isn’t without issues

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Zoeti is a fun yet simple deck-building game that incorporates both RPG and roguelite mechanics into its gameplay. Sadly due to how these elements conflict with one another, you cannot completely appreciate both. That’s not to mean the game isn’t worth your time, and you should definitely check it out, especially if you want a deck builder that doesn’t faff around and keeps things simple yet enjoyable.

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“Zoeti” strides on its majestic and ever-changing gameplay mechanics and deep customizable systems. Sadly, the overall package is brought down by an average story that is tied to an unrewarding run system. Still, if you’re not over deckbuilders, this one will definitely spark your interest.

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