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Fall of Porcupine

Critical Rabbit, Assemble Entertainment
Jun 15, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC

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Fall of Porcupine - Last Days of Summer (Demo Trailer)

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Critic Reviews for Fall of Porcupine

A glorious looking and warm-hearted adventure in modern healthcare, let down by tedious mini-games, bugs, and lengthy conversations that often go nowhere.

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Fall of Porcupine does capture a small part of the experience of working in healthcare, and it does feel relatable in some respects. The game also explores the complexity of the relationship between people and the healthcare system, as well as the issues that are faced. The story and characters are well portrayed, with the music and artwork also being a highlight. However, there are some bugs that need medicating, along with some more concrete conclusions on some plot threads.

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An entertaining, emotional journey through the health care system that hides some darker edges within its brightly-colored style. Fall of Porcupine doesn't ride the wave of good feeling it generates early on for the entire length of its playtime, but it does have enough heart and good intentions to make its issues feel smaller than they are.

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Fall of Porcupine has a lot of potential, but our diagnosis is that it's fallen short. The cute art style and evocative soundtrack are its main drawcards, and while the wide-eyed animals can mask the dark themes of an unhealthy system, they can't quite cover up the haphazard story or keep players engaged. We felt the game needed either a stronger narrative thread or more involved gameplay to improve its condition. Performance bugs can be treated with patches, but it'll take more than a band-aid solution to cure the ailments in Fall of Porcupine.

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Fall of Porcupine from Critical Rabbit is a serious story wrapped in cute animation that only Richard Scarry could fully appreciate. The story is driven by branching choices and relaxed from time to time by mini-games. The main crux of this game is the story, which may not be for everyone, especially considering the topics of conversation it presents. They can be powerful at times, but also empty on interactivity.

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Pure Nintendo

Kira C
5.5 / 10.0
Pure Nintendo

If it gets patched and put on sale, I'd say go for Fall of Porcupine, as it's informative and memorable. But this charming, albeit short game with a lot of heart put into it deserves better than the bugs it has. I don't think I can recommend it in its current state. The worse patient Fall of Porcupine needs to cure is itself!

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Fall of Porcupine is a 2D graphic adventure game designed to be an honest and direct critique of society and the healthcare system. The game provides wonderful food for thought to learn how to completely appreciate life despite difficulty, offering emotional scenarios and dialogues, as well as a wide variety of entertaining mini-games. An additional outstanding representation of a "wholesome" adventure that stands out for its wonderful aesthetic direction and its distinctive and captivating atmosphere.

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White it ends up stumbling in a few areas and can use a patch or two, Fall of Porcupine still succeeds when it comes to delivering an enjoyable story that sheds light on all sorts of struggles that health care workers face, while still providing several doses of fun gameplay and a nice town filled with interesting and unique characters to interact with.

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