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Everybody 1-2-Switch!

Jun 30, 2023 - Nintendo Switch

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4 / 10
Metro GameCentral
4 / 10
Hobby Consolas
65 / 100
4 / 10
40 / 100
The Games Machine
8.5 / 10
70 / 100
Nintendo Life
6 / 10
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Everybody 1-2-Switch! Trailers

Everybody 1-2-Switch! – Introducing the Games – Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Everybody 1-2-Switch! – Introducing the Games – Nintendo Switch

Everybody 1-2-Switch! – First Look Party – Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Everybody 1-2-Switch! – First Look Party – Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Everybody 1-2-Switch!

Everybody 1-2-Switch is a paltry, unoriginal party game. Bringing it out is like inviting the fun police to bust up your shindig.

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Metro GameCentral

4 / 10
Metro GameCentral

A game whose very existence is absolutely baffling, with a tiny collection of completely uninteresting mini-games, that remain dull and unimaginative no matter how many people are playing.

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Everybody 1-2 Switch! Repeat as a game that you are going to take out to liven up parties and meetings, and although there are missing modes and options (such as being able to skip the previous instructions of the tests) and its minigames are simpler and not all equally inspired, the games for 100 and its ability to entertain everyone equally is still its main asset.

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I knew the writing was on the wall when Everybody 1-2 Switch! was announced in the same month that it was released, with little fanfare from Nintendo. Everybody 1-2 Switch! is fun in the same way that watching a bad movie is fun. If you’ve got some good friends together and everyone’s in a silly mood, you might have a good time throwing on Everybody 1-2 Switch and having a laugh at the absurdity of it all. But after about 20 minutes of this, most sensible people will ask you to close the game and launch Mario Kart, Mario Party, or even Switch Sports before they sink more of their precious time into Everybody 1-2 Switch!

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Everybody 1-2-Switch! is just a very difficult game to enjoy. Most of the minigames are boring, and you have little say over how or if you can even engage with them. The game would be inoffensive if you had access to all minigames from the get go, and needing to unlock all of them individually is a baffling decision when combined with the random selection and weird preference towards UFO and Squats.

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A fun and engaging party game that offers the beauty of seventeen mini-games to be discovered. Absolutely to have, especially for its price, net of the lack of online mode, which would have hel

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Everybody 1-2-Switch! It's a game that can be entertaining but not for long, and that's precisely due to the small number of mini-games that it brings with it, being easily surpassed by the previous installment. In fact, the possibilities for something ambitious were right there, but they weren't properly harnessed.

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Everybody 1-2-Switch! is a perfectly serviceable party game when playing through one of the mini-games that offers something new, but those moments are few and far between. The rest of the games are not by any means bad, but they fail to stand out on the already-loaded table of Nintendo party titles. Combine this with the noticeable step-down in quality when playing with fewer people, and we are left thinking that this is a game which will only be brought out in very specific circumstances. It's a perfectly harmless party game, but it doesn't come close to what Nintendo has achieved in the genre in the past.

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