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Covenant.dev, Team 17
Aug 17, 2023 - PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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5 / 10
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82 / 100
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Gord | Launch Trailer

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Gord | The Might of Žmij | SDCC Trailer

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Gord | Horror Showcase

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Critic Reviews for Gord

Beyond the shock value of its demonic horrors, this survivalist city-builder has little to recommend it.

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Gord is, in its most outstanding moments, a mediocre colony sim/RTS/RPG hybrid. The rest is just boring.

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"It's all very grotty, and that's meant fully as a compliment."

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Personally, I found the 'grim' nature of Gord just too nasty, the developers often shocking for the sake of it, rather than doing so to support the story or gameplay. Still, there's a lot to admire about Covenant's creation, with the game offering a compelling and tense survival RTS experience. Only really worth picking up on PC, mind.

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Nice setting and premise mostly wasted on a game that would have needed more development time and refinement to fulfill its potential.

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As a dark, story-driven settlement sim, Gord offers a moderate amount of replayability and a pretty compelling central narrative.

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Gord is an interesting and, at times, good, albeit flawed, survival city-builder mixed with action RPG and strategy elements. The atmosphere is excellently done, but this is countered by the sanity mechanics taking too much from the rest of the game. Almost every positive has a negative. The character development mechanics bring a fundamentally broken inventory system. The excellent monster development introduces a few that are just outright broken. The (sometimes) interesting campaign brings a near-opaque element of worldbuilding, requiring much side-reading as names are unceremoniously thrown at you. All in all, Gord isn't a bad game, and while I can have a decent time of it, there are too many flaws to recommend it universally; hardcore strategy fans may apply.

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Gord is a richer and more complex game than it first appears. There are interesting layers of moral ambiguity and mental health to consider. Gord is a dark Slavic folk tale in survival/RTS-game disguise. Its mechanics and systems add up to an engaging gameplay experience. For a modest entry price, Gord provides a lot of entertainment, an engaging story and plenty of replay value via customizable scenarios.

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