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Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games
Aug 17, 2023 - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

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88 / 100
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8 / 10
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84 / 100
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8 / 10
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9.8 / 10
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Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare Coming to Switch and PS4

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Critic Reviews for Red Dead Redemption

It is a pity that more effort has not been put into the conversion, because the original RDR is still a masterpiece. Even with the flaws, it is worth revisiting.

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Red Dead Redemption is really enjoyable on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. After thirteen years, the Rockstar classic holds up like no other, and these adjustments are more than enough for a very satisfying experience. Many of us would have liked something more, but for both nostalgic and new fans of the saga, this port is a fantastic opportunity to get into the boots of John Marston.

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Rockstar's port of Red Dead Redemption on the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch provides an opportunity for both newcomers and fans alike to experience one of gaming's most memorable adventures once again. While there are some improvements to the visuals and performance, remnants of the game's age still bleed through. If you can look past the outrageous price tag and some cut content, then your journey back to the Wild West is definitely one worth taking.

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Unknown Author
8 / 10

The silver lining here is that now the game is finally freed from the cage of old hardware. And that's a great thing.

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Red Dead Redemption is an exceptional game that manages to capture the spirit of the Wild West. The incredible sound design and enthralling narrative are highlights of the adventure. Although it runs perfectly well on the Switch, the lack of an online mode and no additional content is disappointing. The high price point is contentious, however, this is an exquisite open-world adventure that shows Rockstar at its finest.

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The bottom line here is that Red Dead Redemption deserves so much more.

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Red Dead Redemption on Switch is a straightforward port of 2010's masterpiece with no added bells or whistles for a rather high price tag. If you can get over that, this is a game we highly recommend digging into, especially if you've yet to experience it. Rockstar's Western epic holds up surprisingly well, its story is as powerful as ever, its knockabout action still feels great, and it looks and plays perfectly well on Nintendo's console. Multiplayer has been cut, which is a sore but understandable excision, and we'd really have liked to see effort put into adding gyro controls or touching up the graphics a little, but it is what it is. This is a proper all-timer ported successfully to Switch and, if you can stump up the cash, you'll have a great time here regardless of the lack of TLC.

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'Red Dead Redemption' is a game that will stand the test of time no matter what...The West will always hold a special place in my heart and life.

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