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Rainbow Skies

Side Quest Studios, Eastasiasoft
Dec 31, 2017 - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Rainbow Skies

A stuffy follow-up to Rainbow Moon that doesn't improve on its predecessor.

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It's clear how much of a labour of love Rainbow Skies was. The game is packed to the brim with mechanics and ideas that call back to a dozen different classic RPGs and strategy games. For all the love that went into the game though, there's a frustratingly low amount of polish and quality design, especially when it comes to the visuals and writing. Rainbow Skies is a love letter to classic RPGs hastily written in crayon on notebook paper.

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A disappointing sequel that fails to recapture the magic of its predecessor.

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Rainbow Skies is an indie old school SRPG hiding a wealth of content behind its charming exterior. Improving upon the Rainbow Moon formula, the game doesn't skimp out on quality or quantity, featuring extensive party management, in-depth combat, a vast world to explore, and a myriad of foes to conquer. Unfortunately, the hundreds of hours of gameplay are not free from tedium and suffer from a lack of variety.

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Rainbow Skies has a few good ideas, but those aren't enough to move past its bland narrative and repetitive gameplay.

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Ultimately, Rainbow Skies is a fascinating exercise in time.

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Rainbow Skies is an epic adventure with a much improved narrative when compared to its predecessor. Its addictive gameplay makes it an absolute joy to explore every inch of the world, and with a huge amount of customisation options and an abundance of side quests, this superior sequel is sure to keep you enthralled for many, many hours.

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There's nothing wrong with the aesthetic of the game or its reliance on tired clichés to tell a story. It's truly done a decent job, but that's the crux of the problem – it's just okay. It's a fun title to whittle away some time with, and you may even find yourself warming up to your party members' impenetrable plastic hearts. However, it lacks a compelling narrative, balance, and combat variety necessary to make it as engaging as it should be. Rainbow Skies feels like a blast from the past, before we had mainstream exposure to the tactical titles that it's clearly drawn inspiration from. Nostalgia's all well and good if you're pining for a better time, but it feels like a return to an era that we've intentionally left behind.

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