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RoboCop: Rogue City

Teyon, Nacon
Nov 2, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC

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Critic Reviews for RoboCop: Rogue City

Teyon blends bloody linear shootouts with light open world action for an entertaining, if unadventurous, RoboCop experience.

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RoboCop: Rogue City is a pitch-perfect throwback to the action movies of the ‘80s. It’s over-the-top violence with charm, largely well put together but rough on the edges. Most importantly, it's a fun way to spend time in a beloved fictional universe that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Blasting at goons as an unstoppable walking machine remains as extremely entertaining as it seemed on the big screen, thanks in part to an impressive commitment to capturing the look and feel of the original film. Mixing in elements like routine police work and side quests does a great job changing the pace, too. Even if it’s not the best example of visual fidelity, and prone to some bugs along the way, that love of RoboCop shines through. This is a solid B movie of a video game, which is exactly what the source material demands.

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Robocop: Rogue City's fantastic shootouts are held back by a dull narrative and bloated pacing.

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Robocop: Rogue City reflects its protagonist's qualities. It's well-built and robust, a few glitches aside, and capable of triggering explosive action. Yet it's also mechanical in its design, its dialogue slow and plodding, and limited in its forms of interaction. Short on engaging mission design and the film's punchy satire, Detroit's finest needs better backup to enliven this drawn out adventure.

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Hopefully, updates will stamp out these issues because RoboCop: Rogue City provides a respectable adventure that feels like a long-lost shooter of the early 2010s in mostly good ways. Admittedly, the license carries the game through its rougher patches; if you’re not a RoboCop fan, the adventure may feel dated or buggy compared to other shooters. But as a B-tier love letter to the tin man in blue, Rogue City is a nice return to the limelight for Alex Murphy.

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RoboCop: Rogue City is a methodical shooter that makes you feel like Old Detroit's greatest crime fighter, but it errs when its devotion to authenticity wanes.

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I feel like RoboCop: Rogue City is a terrific game. To use the obvious reference: I’d buy that for a dollar. I can see myself playing through its 15-20 hours again, not necessarily to check out things I may have missed, but simply to re-experience the world it presents. I know that it almost looks like something that belongs in the scrap heap, but if you’re able to look past its rough exterior and exposed seams, you might see the heart that beats underneath. Teyon did a fantastic job with the resources they had, but they’re only human.

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It's a far cry from being the shooter of the year, but it has a nostalgic "I don't know what" that makes you want to play, especially if you freaked out with the uninhibited action of the movies.

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