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Virche Evermore -ErroR: Salvation-

Aksys Games
Nov 9, 2023 - Nintendo Switch
7 / 10
Nintendo Blast
8.5 / 10
3.5 / 10
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Virche Evermore ~ErroЯ:Salvation - Official Announcement Trailer- Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Virche Evermore ~ErroЯ:Salvation - Official Announcement Trailer- Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Virche Evermore -ErroR: Salvation-

Monstrous, beautiful, tragic, hopeful—Virche Evermore will drag you through despair, but it makes Salvation all the more sweet.

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Virche Evermore is a Switch otome game that tackles some tough topics in an interesting way, but the walling off of endings is demoralizing.

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Even though it could be a tough playthrough at times with the heavy topics and the despair, Virche Evermore ~ErroR: Salvation~ is one of the top Otome games of this year. They have done a phenomenal job with the storytelling and even the characters are intriguing and going through their own character development in their routes. If the themes mentioned at the start of the game do not scare you away, I would definitely pick this game up.

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Virche Evermore -ErroR: Salvation- presents itself as another great pick among the English-released otome games on Switch. With a darker perspective than usual, the title interestingly discusses the sensible theme of death in a society full of issues. The result is compelling and an easy recommendation for fans of visual novels in general.

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Most of the visuals are pretty good, and the story is a really dark, anime style story. Everything else slacked and was saved entirely by those two sections of the game. I enjoyed a good chunk of the story, when I didn’t have to restart everything, but in all honesty I never finished it because the second time I lost my save file I was about 6 hours into this story trying to see something and suddenly everything disappeared on me again and I decided I wasn’t going to go through another 6+ hours of the same story just to not care about some of the same characters again. Don’t use the skip button, it’s bugged.

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