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Gangs of Sherwood

Appeal Studios, Nacon
Nov 30, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC

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Gangs of Sherwood - Official Trailer

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Gangs of Sherwood - Official Tuck Spotlight Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Gangs of Sherwood

Gangs of Sherwood shows initial promise with its creative setting and colourful combat but runs out of steam well before the end of its already brief running time.

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Gangs of Sherwood is exactly what it needs to be: fun for everyone playing it. It's definitely a game you'll want to play with friends for the best possible experience though, so do keep that in mind if you're more of a single player kind of person. I've been having a blast with it though, and if I can convince some friends to join me, I'd imagine I'll be playing it for a fair bit of time to come.

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There's an enjoyable time to be had Gangs of Sherwood, especially with others, but it just doesn't do anything well enough to stand out from the crowd.

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Gangs of Sherwood surprised me by rolling its credits a few short hours after starting, but it wasn’t the brevity I found surprising - it was the fact people were willing to attach their names to what they’d done. As much as I believe in due credit, if I’d have been involved with this game I’d have asked to remain anonymous.

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Gangs of Sherwood offers an enjoyable and silly co-op action experience that mostly gets things right.

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There is fun to be had in Gangs of Sherwood but it is really only found playing multiplayer either with friends or strangers. Not only does this make each act not feel as long, since there will be more people to pummel enemies but when players fall in combat it is better to have a friend pick you up than lose half your gold that you need to upgrade your character’s attributes. The entire game just feels like a mix-mash of ideas and things and while some things work, others are done better in other games.

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Unknown Author
5 / 10

Gangs of Sherwood is interesting due to its style and setting, but everything is spoiled by fundamental problems in gameplay and balance.

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Gangs of Sherwood is a fun sleeper title that features great combat and characters. I enjoyed playing through each hero and seeing their unique abilities at play. With great level design, plenty of secrets, and replay value, especially when playing with friends, Gangs of Sherwood may be the co-op title you're looking for this holiday season.

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