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Last Train Home

Ashborne Games, THQ Nordic
Nov 28, 2023 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Last Train Home

A rich, interesting, and honest experiment in history-as-game: If you're interested, play it.

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Last Train Home might not be as deep as some management sims or as broad in scope as other RTS games. However, it combines the best of both styles with some smart and welcome improvements that give it a strong identity. Combine that with a unique story and brilliant presentation, and you’ve got yourself a strong candidate for one of the best in the genre.

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Overall, Last Train Home is a difficult, stressful, and wonderful experience. It is beautiful and brutal tale of perseverance and war that doubles as a strategy game. Aside from a few clunky feeling commands on the battlefield and the, easily circumvented, wait-time mechanic on the top-down map, there is really no issues with this gem. Despite the difficulty of the normal game mode, it would be a mistake to miss this train.

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Inspired by a piece of history that most people never heard of, Last Train Home is a competent mix of management and RTS gameplay, although the stealth mecanics leave something to be desired. Those eagerly waiting for Frostpunk 2 should consider adding it to their Christmas wishlist.

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Unknown Author
5 / 10

Last Train Home had a lot of potential thanks to a great idea. However, Ashborne Games for some reason focused not on polishing gameplay, but on silly nonsense about revolutionary Russia.

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Last Train Home is a well-executed mix of two different gameplay genres that benefits from a unique setting and engaging mechanics. There are a few bumps along the track, but it makes for a memorable trip.

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Moral of the review, beware of copy-and-paste news stories and play Last Train Home unless you want a little faster action, you're an opportunist, a cutthroat, or a Bolshevik.

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Czech developers have brought a unique combination of genres that works great. The management train ride combined with military strategic missions, RPG development and survival elements is unique and extremely complex. In addition, the authors have captured well an unseen period and a little-known stage of Czechoslovak history.

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