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Gang Beasts

Double Fine Productions
Dec 31, 2017 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Gang Beasts - PlayStation Experience Trailer | PS4

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Critic Reviews for Gang Beasts

A one-trick pony of a multiplayer fighter, Gang Beasts is sometimes hilariously messy but often just a mess.

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No Recommendation / Blank

A modern multiplayer classic finally comes home to console, although the package is as scrappy as the action itself.

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It's tough to be down on Gang Beasts. At heart, it's just very silly entertainment for you and your pals, like the multiplayer games of yesteryear. It's kind of bad, broken even, and it's certainly not going to become a mainstay of anyone's regular gaming catalogue. But it certainly guarantees some laughs with your pals. Isn't that what gaming was designed to do?

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For those who have been following the game since long before it's PlayStation 4 announcement, Gang Beasts really does come as a poisoned chalice. Its meathead multiplayer melees will light up your living room for hours on end, yet when there's only one person in the hot seat, it loses that charm almost completely.

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Beyond the core multi-person battles, Gang Beasts has little else to offer. There's almost nothing for solo players to truly sink their teeth into for an extended period and local multiplayer starts to get old after a while without the ability to add bots. That only leaves online play as the best way to experience Gang Beasts as it should be played, but playing online is a rocky prospect at the moment.

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The perfect party game, great for short-bursts of entertainment but doesn't stand up to lengthy play.

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While “It's just a game” is true of all games, it shouldn't feel like the key rationale to remember when playing.

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What we're left with is a multiplayer game that still has the ability to delight and surprise, but perhaps lacks some finishing touches to make it truly great. With online play a bit of a mess and a limited number of modes, Gang Beasts isn't short of issues, but just about gets away with it due to a solid core idea that, with friends, can be uproariously entertaining. If you're after a new title for gaming nights with buddies, or indeed, the Christmas party, you can do far worse than this.

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