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Kingpin Reloaded

Slipgate Ironworks, 3D Realms, Interplay
Dec 5, 2023 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Kingpin Reloaded

While this remaster’s heart is in the right place, the majority of the rest of it isn’t. I suggest waiting for more patches before seeing what the streets of Kingpin: Reloaded have to offer. Or just playing the original with a fan patch.

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Kingpin: Reloaded is a remaster gone wrong. With unpredictable performance issues, terrible AI, and barely improved visuals, it's hard to suggest this game for anyone at the moment. (Review Policy)

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Do you remember the good old Kingpin? So stay with the memories, don't play its updated version and do not spoil your pleasant nostalgia. It is Awful.

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Despite these shortcomings of the original game, Kingpin Reloaded could have been a useful historical exercise. It could still get closer to that goal, as Slipgate Ironworks continue to work on the remaster. The studio’s attention is divided, however, as they are surely overburdened with seven other in-development projects. As things stand, this version is very difficult to recommend and will do 3D Realms’ reputation no favours.

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Kingpin: Reloaded is about 4 hours long with about an hour per chapter. You can also get quite lost in the levels where everything looks a bit the same. However, the game itself plays quite well, although the performance of the game is very disappointing. The game itself is reasonably playable, but noticing glitches during the action in a game that is almost 25 years old is simply not possible. It makes the game tough to digest. The quality of the game is therefore quite poor.

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Kingpin: Reloaded could have been a great way to experience a cult title, but frankly it's a poor, missed shot of a remaster in its current state. The excessive use of bloom and texture smoothing does a number on the aesthetic of the game, and at times hinders players. The core experience of Kingpin: Life of Crime is still a fun and unique few hours and there is still fun to be had if you enjoy classic shooters. The poor performance does this remaster no favors. Even with the option to play the “original” mode available, the changes made to the core systems of the game and performance issues persist. More patches are needed before I could even suggest playing this version over the original.

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