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Aug 30, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Strike Vector EX

Nevertheless, Strike Vector EX is still a blast to play! Newcomers who pick up the console version will surely benefit from practicing in both Campaign and Skirmish mode before heading online. In addition, several new levels and online modes help to reduce the repetitive nature of gameplay. While it's not the next CoD, it's still a fun way to pass the time in between playing infantry-based shooters.

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Strike Vector EX is a small game with a lot of heart. While the campaign is sub-par and it doesn't offer the depth or longevity or other titles, what's there is fun, fast, and wild. Released at a discount price, this is definitely a game to rope one or two friends into buying with you so you can always have a wingman (or nemesis) on call on and seed some multiplayer action.

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Strike Vector EX is a whole lot of fun to play with friends, but is held back by a few multiplayer issues and an entirely fruitless campaign. If you're interested in immediately diving into multiplayer and murdering a bunch of people in cold blood using a giant robot, then this game is for you…just be prepared for the occasional headache when your buddies accidentally blow you into tiny pieces for the fourteenth time.

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This is a multiplayer game, not a single player one. Cruising through the skies against a squadron of human pilots is frantic and enjoyable. Anything else is not worth your time.

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Strike Vector EX not only finds an exquisite balance of features in its futuristic dog-fighting, it excels at it.

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Strike Vector EX delivers fun and frantic airborne mech combat action, and while it is only a short lived diversion in single player, it really shines in multiplayer. This one's packing a ton of customisation and an addictive core battle sensibility that will keep you engaged, and it represents a great alternative shooter to the likes of Call of Duty or Battlefield.

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If you've been pining for an arcade flight combat game that will test your skills, Strike Vector EX is going to sit right with you. Controls are tight, though they do have a decent learning curve and a new way of thinking about an aerial combat game. Maps are wide open and yet provide for intense, close combat. While the campaign feels like a write-off, the multiplayer boasts six fairly varied modes to choose from, and there are decent unlocks for your player profile as well as your aircraft. Not a bad use of $14.99 USD (launch price).

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Strike Vector EX is an enjoyable and thrilling multiplayer game when both sides are equally matched. Sure, at times you'll join a one sided match, but that's just the nature of online competitive games. The single-player narrative is serviceable, but feels like a side attraction to the main dish; which is the online multiplayer. Now excuse me, while I chase after this one pilot that consistently relies on dropping stalker mines.

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