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Islands of Insight

Lunarch Studios, Behaviour Interactive Inc.
Feb 13, 2024 - PC

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Islands of Insight | Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Islands of Insight

I definitely had fun solving a bunch of puzzles, especially ones that involved finding the right visual path through a group of rings or playing a sort of reverse Minesweeper with black and white squares. Others, like hidden objects or hunting for nodes inside a boundary, were annoying but I never felt forced to try them. There’s a lot to like about that idea of zero pressure puzzle-solving. But everything else, like leaping, floating, and gliding around the open world, filling in the skill tree, or deciphering the map and other UI elements, bogged me down. Islands of Insight is a shot at blending together ambitious scale with cozy gaming, and has to try harder than it should to not collapse under its own weight.

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Islands of Insight is one of the most ambitious puzzle games I've played, with a huge open world and progression hooks that make it essential.

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Islands of Insight is the modern reinvention the puzzle genre needs.

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With a massive scope of puzzles to solve, Islands of Insight has something for every puzzle enthusiast out there.

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Islands of the Insight really wanted to be The Witness, but on a much larger scale, but it played a cruel joke on them. The puzzles are for the most part easy and don't even try to surprise with anything, which, given the immense number of them, looks more like a mockery.

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Those niggles aside though, we can’t deny that Islands of Insight is one of the best puzzle games we’ve ever played. The sheer amount of puzzles on offer here is incredible, without ever being overwhelming. There’s a solid sense of progression, with goals to work towards – but you’re also free to explore however you wish, tackling the puzzles that interest you and, for the most part, ignoring the ones you don’t enjoy as much. It’s already great but with a few updates over time, Islands of Insight could really be something special.

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At no point was I rushed or pushed towards a linear path. Islands of Insight respects your time, and ensures that you take your time. The way puzzles are introduced feel organic, and it has its own way of ramping of difficulty in each area. So that when you reach even the third or fourth island, you’re still starting fresh, and not dealing with near impossible puzzles. Lunarch Studios have made something special here, and being able to do that in a shared open-world with others is a delight. Islands of Insight is joyful, peaceful, and a relaxing experience that’s absolutely worth it.

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Islands of Insight is an incredibly enjoyable and addictive open-world puzzle game. Unfortunately, the game's online features do not convince me of its need for an internet connection. As someone who lost all my in-game progress thanks to this, I can't say that Islands of Insight is a truly functional product as of writing this review. It may be wise to stay away from this one unless offline play somehow becomes an option.

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