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Harold Halibut

Slow Bros.
Apr 16, 2024 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC

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3 / 5
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6 / 10
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78 / 100
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Harold Halibut - Gameplay Overview Trailer

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Harold Halibut - Story Trailer 2021

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Harold Halibut - Kickstarter Pitch Video

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Critic Reviews for Harold Halibut

A visually arresting, warm-hearted tale of a gofer searching for his purpose, Harold Halibut flounders amongst endless fetch-quests and waffle.

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A great artstyle and flashes of brilliance never truly make up for a meandering, risk-averse plot.

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It may take place at the bottom of the ocean on a distant alien planet, but Harold Halibut’s story is an entirely human one, both in terms of its carefully handmade environments and its strong emphasis on empathy towards its eccentric cast of characters. While I wish that there was a little more interactivity to be found throughout its subaquatic setting, and Harold’s shuffling run could have been boosted to a sprint to reduce the time spent repeatedly schlepping from one end of its levels to the other, I nonetheless remained captivated by his whimsical quest to unite his community and explore the spectacular surroundings of his sunken home. Consistently funny and full of surprises, Harold Halibut is a wholesome, handcrafted adventure with plenty of heart.

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"The handcrafted, stop-motion look and feel to this world makes every imperfection just another lovely detail"

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Metro GameCentral

6 / 10
Metro GameCentral

It would probably make a better movie than a game, but there's still a unique charm about Harold Halibut and his slow-paced journey to discover his place in life.

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Harold Halibut is a triumph in its characters and visuals but struggles to stay afloat under its own scope and ambitions.

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Harold Halibut looks great, like one of Aardman's finest, only as a video game. Unfortunately, it's the game part that underwhelms, offering a distinctly tedious narrative adventure that is a chore to play.

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Harold Halibut gives shape to an attractive story led by a protagonist who manages to surprise the player. The magnificent handcrafted art section accompanies this good script, but at times its approach becomes somewhat heavy in terms of gameplay. Here's a good narrative adventure that could have aspired to be so much more.

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