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The Lullaby of Life

1 Simple Game, Midwest Games
Apr 30, 2024 - PC
8.5 / 10
Lords Of Gaming
8.5 / 10
6 / 10
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The Lullaby of Life | Official Launch Trailer

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Unknown Author
8.5 / 10.0

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I don’t love The Lullaby of Life, but I do like it, and I did get quite attached to Bombo while playing the game. I enjoyed the music and how the game looks. But at times, it certainly was not as relaxing as the blurb on the Steam page would lead you to believe. However, if you have high dexterity and are quick off the mark when pressing the right buttons to send out the soundwaves, then The Lullaby of Life might be for you.

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The Lullaby of Life exemplifies everything that a cozy and relaxed game should be. The art style and sound design are impeccable, and the difficulty curve is gradual and well-designed. Best of all, the game doesn’t hold your hand and lets you figure it out on your own. Dare I say, The Lullaby of Life is one of 2024’s coziest games.

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Whether or not Lullaby of Life resonates with the player is entirely based on whether they can still find wonder in the basics: the sounds of insignificant interactables and abstract shapes.

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