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Funktronic Labs
Aug 25, 2015 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Nova-111

Even though I don't see myself replaying Nova-111 for full completion any time soon, I liked what was here. It has a sharp look, some chuckle-silently-in-my-head comedy, and gameplay unlike anything else I have experienced. It forced me to think in a totally new way, which is increasingly uncommon with most established genres.

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Nova-111 should definitely be played by those who enjoy games with unusual and interesting concepts. Despite a few flaws, it remains a great game, featuring some superb moments and while the first few levels are a slow burn, the pace soon becomes manic. I'm personally very excited to see what Funktronic Labs create in the future.

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A unique blend of action and puzzle-solving that knows when to poke fun at itself.

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Nova-111 is a nice departure from the usual sci-fi side scrolling games that we are used to. By making it a turn based puzzle game, Funktronic Labs have made something that stands out a little. With its simple design and helpful tutorials, Nova-111 is easy to get in to, but don't be too surprised if the game doesn't hold your attention for too long.

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Nova-111 is an enjoyable turn-based adventure game that manages to impress with its refreshing controls and charming art style. Though it does have some flaws, such as a lacklustre auto-save feature and a cumbersome amount of abilities, you'll be hard pressed to find a weirder and more brilliant tribute to the men and women who changed the world through science.

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It certainly is a solid game – albeit a short one at 3 levels – with a more deliberate, rather than twitchy, pace that will appeal to a certain slice of the gamer spectrum. For others the boredom may set in very quickly.

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Obviously, if you really like testing yourself with puzzles such as those found in this game, you might not even mind the length of the levels. I did, but that didn't stop me from appreciating the premise, which can be summarized as a witty sci-fi puzzle game that combines real-time with turn-based strategies. It achieves that blend well with a huge amount of mechanics and with the very entertaining commentary of Dr. Science accompanying you on your whole adventure.

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Nova 111 is an interesting and original strategy game that makes use of stunning visuals and a very precise gameplay mechanics. It could only gain from a more practical save feature that would reduce the amount of times players will be forced to repeat the same levels over and over.

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