Paul Hart, Akupara Games, Lee Williams
May 9, 2024 - PC

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80 / 100
Slant Magazine
2.5 / 5
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9 / 10
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8 / 10
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Cryptmaster | Announce Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Cryptmaster

Games like Cryptmaster are rare. Not just because of a particular aesthetic or unique mechanic, but because they take a core idea and focus it. Cryptmaster is ok with not being for every gamer, but puzzle-RPG fans with a love of words, a wicked sense of humor, and a taste for the macabre will enjoy it.

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Above all, Cryptmaster suffers from you having too many words to learn and there being far too few chapters in which to do so. Even if players are Wheel of Fortune savants, unlocking every word for each character requires hours of retyping the same combat commands. Even an actual zombie would beg off after piecing together words like PARADIDDLE and AMBERGRIS for such meager rewards as another scrap of backstory. This is especially so in the last level, a straightforward corridor that strips away the illusion of exploration provided by the more elaborate mazes and NPC quests that preceded them. By then, you’ll have long come to the realization that this game designed around words should have chosen them more carefully.

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Cryptmaster is a wickedly clever spin on the edutainment games of old. It combines good old fashioned typing with an underworld full up of gallows humour and eccentrics to meet, including its titular star. Spread the word, Cryptmaster is a must play indie.

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A love of language and unique gameplay is enough to get literati excited for Cryptmaster, while those favoring less cerebral experiences should look elsewhere.

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Hardcore Gamer

4 / 5.0
Hardcore Gamer

Cryptmaster is a commendable indie game that stands out for its originality in gameplay and narrative. While it faces technical and design challenges, the overall experience is enriched by its entertaining side characters, engaging plot and clever integration of language-based mechanics. The game will challenge your linguistic and typing skills and pull you deep into its mysterious world, promising adventure and amusement. The game might benefit from refinements in control responsiveness and visibility issues, but despite its flaws, these do not significantly detract from the engaging and enjoyable gameplay. Cryptmaster offers a refreshingly different perspective on dungeon crawling, making it a worthy addition for any gamer looking for something outside the ordinary dungeon crawling experience.

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Cryptmaster’s central idea is innovative and opens up plenty of interesting interaction opportunities. It is fun to type in verbs to guess what’s inside a chest to then trigger a memory or to constantly consider what word will give a character another combat ability. Side activities, like the word-powered card game, aren’t as engaging as the core loop.

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Cryptmaster is the ultimate evolution of simple word games like Hangman into a fantasy dungeon crawler and manages to delight in its simplicity.

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