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Zet Zillions

OTA IMON Studios, Raw Fury
May 23, 2024 - PC

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La Orden del Pixel
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🌠Zet Zillions 🌠| Launch Trailer | 🎆 Out Now on Steam! 🎆 thumbnail

🌠Zet Zillions 🌠| Launch Trailer | 🎆 Out Now on Steam! 🎆

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Critic Reviews for Zet Zillions

If you like the visual style and haven't played a roguelike deckbuilder in a while then you'll likely adore Zet Zillions, but for those who live and breathe the genre, it might feel a bit uninspired at times.

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Zet ZIllions is a game that isn't afraid to head to crazy places, be it sentient planets sucking on pacifiers or more legit terrors from other dimensions. And not only does this make for some great characters, visuals and a wild world to explore, but this extends to the card battles and their spread of unique mechanics, making for a ton of fun as you work with them to create the best deck possible. It's a sheer blast of creativity that's worth checking out and makes the game stand out among all of the other roguelike deckbuilders. Truly weird and wonderful stuff.

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Zet Zillions combines compelling deck building and a sweet Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic to really stand out amongst its peers.

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Zet Zillions from developer OTA IMON Studios is an addictive roguelike deckbuilder that doesn’t quite reach the likes of Balatro but certainly proves its worth in replayability and thick strategy. While it isn’t completely perfect in some elements of its design, it’s still one of the better games of this genre that I’ve played in 2024.

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Zet Zillions stands out from the roguelike deck builder crowd, and that's almost entirely due to its distinctive style. It also has some genuinely cool and interesting new mechanics that demand approaching the game differently from the standard deck builder. There are some concerns I have about balance, and the characters can sometimes be a lot, but there's a ton to like in this charming and quirky title.

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It may not be a perfect deckbuilding game, but Zet Zillions still creates a very engaging atmosphere through creative mechanics, bold aesthetics, and fantastic music. For only $10 it's arguably still a fair amount of bang for one's buck, and is worth looking into for roguelite fans looking for something new.

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Zet Zillions, the new work of OTA IMON, invites us to enjoy a very quirky and charismatic space odyssey, set in the same universe of Wolfstride. A very charismatic game, whose visual section is striking and extremely 'cool', recommended for any fan of roguelike with cards and, why not, for anyone looking for a proposal with which to enter the genre.

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Zet Zillions uses good ideas to stand out in one of the most popular genres today. The wide variety of cards, fusions, allies, enemies and skills allows each run to be unique and unpredictable, requiring adaptation and planning from the player. Furthermore, the title from OTA IMON Studios exudes personality in its art, dialogue and good humor, making it a unique experience. It's not a game that will revolutionize the genre, but just by doing the basics well, it's worth recommending to enthusiasts.

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