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Oct 28, 2014 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 5

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7.4 / 10
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6 / 10
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6.5 / 10
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6 / 10
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2 / 5
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Kill All Zombies - Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for #killallzombies

If you can get past the stupid name, you'll find that #killallzombies is an exciting dual-stick shooter with a number of fresh ideas. Sure, you've likely seen this type of zombie game before, but the perk system and constantly changing stage sets this apart from similar titles. It makes a terrible first impression, but #killallzombies ultimately proves to be worth your time.

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#killallzombies feels like an unfinished product, and it's a shame because there's an enjoyable and moreish foundation to be found here. The gameplay is addictive despite its lack of variety, and the streaming features are a neat trick – even if you won't ever be guaranteed an audience to play with. There are better twin-stick shooters already available on the PS4, but if you happen to like the genre, this may be worth a look once Beatshapers adds in its extra modes.

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#killallzombies brings some fresh and inventive ideas to the twin-stick shooter model and is compelling enough to be worthy of repeated plays, but currently, there is very little meat on its bones.

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There's a reasonably enjoyable game at #KILLALLZOMBIES' core, which makes it such a shame that it is mired by a variety of issues.

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#Killallzombies is a nice pick up and play experience that works thanks to its design. The developers have promised more content is coming, but right now there is really only one thing to do. It sticks to its namesake for better or worse. Still, I couldn't help but enjoy every session I logged and I will definitely revisit it once new content arrives.

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When looking at #KillAllZombies as nothing but a time waster, the game stands up as "ok." If you have 10 or 15 minutes to spare and want to play a video game but don't have time to really become immersed into a game's world, there are worse choices out there. The problem is, the complete lack of story and lack of maps makes this title feel pretty shallow.

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#KillAllZombies is something of a paradox. The core game is simple but strangely addictive once you get past the initial horrible impression. The random nature of the terrain and the perks keeps the experiences different, and the live-streaming integration is a nice touch, provided you have an active audience interested in your exploits. Unfortunately, the game can feel like a grind as you work toward weaponry that actually makes a difference, and the lack of modes makes the game feel both rushed and incomplete. Combined with the price and lack of cross-buy, which other twin-stick shooters on the system offer, it's rather difficult to recommend #KillAllZombies to anyone but the most dedicated twin-stick shooter fans.

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Considering #killallzombies released about 5 years ago, you'd expect it to have some sort of longevity to deserve a Switch port but instead, it's a by-the-numbers twin-stick roguelike that you'll probably forget about shortly after giving it a few tries.

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