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Blowfish Studios
Mar 2, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Gunscape - The "what is it?" trailer!

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Critic Reviews for Gunscape

Gunscape is aimed at giving players the tools to create their own old school FPS levels and maps, but Blow Fish Studios' attempt to carve out a little niche is lacking in its execution. What remains is a game that could be of interest while you roam through player-made maps, but will ultimately be left behind as actually playing them will quickly tarnish any glimmer of hope it had.

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A love letter to the noteworthy shooters of yesteryear, Gunscape combines old ideals and new ways to play, with mixed results. The level creator is extensive and brimming with potential, but the shooting itself feels detached, and the clunky presentation makes it harder to get into the creative side than it should be. However, once a community of players get to grips with the game's toolkit, there'll be plenty of maps to play, and there's still some fun to be had in multiplayer – if you can convince enough friends to buy it.

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Gunscape's aim to give users a simple way to create and share their own arenas and campaigns is no small feat, but Blowfish Studios has managed to achieve it using an editor that is already familiar to gamers. The main downside is that the game's stability issues can be a major hindrance and lead to more frustration. The main benefit of Gunscape is that there will always be something new to play and more levels to discover thanks to the online community, giving players a virtually endless pool of maps to try out. If you have a large imagination and will spend hours creating the perfect map, this game is for you.

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Gunscape could be a good game creator with a healthy lifespan, but a high price point, unoriginal concepts, and muddled ideals are just the tip of the iceberg that looks like it will sink the game's lofty ambitions.

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For those that miss the '90s and its truly classic FPS titles, then Gunscape is going to be a real treat. The builder is easy to use and offers a pleasantly nostalgic array of materials that are really only limited by your imagination, as cliché as that sounds. The story is poor beyond belief, but works well enough to inspire creativity and showcase the tools at your disposal. It's a very niche title that's not going to appeal to those looking for a plug in and play experience, but for those looking to sink some methodical hours and create something unique, it's an undeniably effective tool that's as functional and rewarding as it is nostalgic.

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Gunscape is an attempt to recreate the oft-loved world of '90s first-person shooters. Although it reminds me of the '90s, it doesn't inspure to keep playing. In short, while there is some nostalgic value to be had here, this one is for diehard fans only.

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Build a world, share a world, shoot everyone in the world.

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It's hard to imagine exactly who the target audience of Gunscape would end up being. Given the messy nature of the controls and physics, it's hard to see FPS fans of any rank eager to hop on board. While the level creator does make building levels more accessible than the modding community of more polished shooters, these tools don't really make up for the lack of reward implicit in playing through the levels a player will build. For all its good ideas, solid level building, and robust variety, this ultimately fails to deliver on its core mechanics, and that alone makes it a really challenging sell.

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