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Blues and Bullets - Episode 1

A Crowd of Monsters
Jul 21, 2015 - Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for Blues and Bullets - Episode 1

Blues and Bullets makes its debut with a stylish first episode that sets a striking—if slightly uneven and glitchy—crime noir tone.

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[I]ts well-crafted film noir atmosphere—along with some honest-to-god puzzles—make this adventure more than just another copycat.

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The first episode ended on a truly gripping exchange that sold me on trying the second episode, but the first episode in a vacuum is at times more painful to play through that any new IP can afford to be. Definitely keep an eye on Blues and Bullets. If Episode 2 can start off with the same pacing and tone that Episode 1 ended on, we might have a really strong point and click adventure series on our hands.

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Blues & Bullets has a lot of potential and The End Of Peace is a glimpse of that. There is a foundation for a very good mystery thriller, as well as a basis for well thought out characters. The first episode comes across as being too eager to show you everything all at once, instead of taking things slower and allowing you to absorb what just happened. The script is good but has moments that don't seem that logical, but in spite of this The End Of Peace is a decent start to the series.

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The first episode of Blues and Bullets has built up enough interest to keep players curious in a second installment. The game's story, confident art style, and engaging crime scene investigation puzzles give the game enough intrigue to stay around. Unfortunately, in its current state, hiccups such as long load times, empty environments, and weak shooting sections hold it back from being something great.

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Despite the aforementioned flaws of the game, A Crowd of Monsters has created a strong starting point for this episodic series. I for one am quite eager to see where Eliot's story ends up leading and if you're a fan of Noir fiction, or have a taste for the gritty, Blues and Bullets will definitely scratch that itch for you.

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Story elements in episode one don't miss a beat, and things get much darker and twisted then I ever expected. Before I knew it, I had already played and finished the game in 100 minutes, and it left me wanting more. Blues and Bullets was a title I had very little expectations of, and it blew me away with a fantastic first episode. Now I wait with baited breath, a glass of whiskey, and the hope that each episode here on out is only more of the same quality or better.

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A strong start for A Crowd of Monsters' Noir adventure. Stylish, dripping in atmosphere, and compelling enough to keep you on the hook for the next episode. It has its faults, not all of which may turn out to be a problem when the series is finished, but for now they are outshone by the things this first episode does right.

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