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Sep 3, 2015 - PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Lumini Official Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Lumini

Lumini is short, but sweet. What the game lacks in content is easily made up by the blissful audio and artwork, which absolutely make this a little gem of a game. Despite its few flaws, I genuinely enjoyed my time with the Lumini, and their charm made merely gliding around delightful. A mini adventure which often brought a beaming smile to my face, it would be hard not to recommend giving Lumini a go.

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Lumini is exactly the type of digital work that's best referred to as an experience rather than a video game. Designed for the Journey and Flower crowd, this game excels at creating a mellow, relaxed state for those who float into its spectacle of a world.

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To be "one of the most relaxing games ever made" was a stated design goal of Lumini, but the only thing the experience has in common with relaxation is that both end in sleep. Come to think of it, sleep is an acceptable substitute for playing the game. At least in dreams, visions of alien worlds and meaningless stories don't come with a $13 price tag and a couple of hours of monotonous gameplay.

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undefined.It is clear that there was ambition behind Lumini's development. A living, breathing world, combined with an effective soundtrack was certainly impressive, but the boring gameplay and abundance of performance issues ruin any sort of enjoyment of the game. If you are looking for a game that scratches that Journey or Pikmin itch, there are many stronger and more interesting options on the Switch eShop.

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There are many relaxing games out there and Lumini doesn't really offer much new but it is a beautiful game with superb audio to boot.

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Lumini is a beautiful game. Your story begins as that of a simple desire to survive to uncovering the tragedy of this alien world. It combines environmental storytelling that you see in games like Journey, but also the struggle of surviving not just for yourself, but for your Lumini family; a kind of gameplay that induced both stress and pleasure, similar to Shelter. You play this game alone, but it never truly feels that way. It does not take long to care deeply for the fragile fairies that traverse this frightening world of danger and death, but by doing so you learn what it means to survive and to live in this world.

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But other than that, Lumini is a very nice surprise in a deceptively small sale package. It’s beautiful, interesting and in its quest to become one of the most relaxing games of all times only falls short in the technical details. For the asking price of $10, you really couldn’t go wrong here. Especially when it goes on sale. It took me around 2 hours to complete a play through, it’s perfectly adequate for your relaxing game needs. Huge props to the art department with this one, you’ve all outdone yourself!

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