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Cities: Skylines - After Dark

Paradox Interactive, Colossal Order
Sep 24, 2015 - PC

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Cities: Skylines After Dark "Storybook Release Trailer" (PEGI)

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Critic Reviews for Cities: Skylines - After Dark

As a pure enhancement, though, After Dark does the job nicely. The new options for dedicated lanes in roads are great, the new buildings are enjoyable and useful, and the leisure and tourism areas give you some fun new things to focus on.

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No Recommendation / Blank

After Dark makes some big changes to the visual variety of Cities: Skylines, but does little to alter the underlying simulation.

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It may seem ungrateful to be unenthusiastic about a content pack of miscellaneous upgrades, but the strongest reason to recommend this DLC is to say thank you to Colossal Order and Paradox for the great stuff we got for free in patches. There's plenty here, and some of it can give your city a little more regional flavor, but none of it stands out as a must-have feature that refreshes how Cities: Skylines plays. Instead, it serves as a reminder to return to this great city builder and see how it's improved since you played it last.

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Ultimately, After Dark doesn't rock the boat when it comes to game-changing expansions. In fact, it comes quietly – the new features are nice additions to the gameplay, but this flavor pack doesn't dramatically change how players will interact with Cities: Skylines. It introduces some great elements that compliment the free update, but only hardcore fans of the simulation genre will want to pay $15 to access the new features.

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After Dark may not be a revolutionary addition to Cities: Skylines, but the number of impressive new features and enhancements offered here is more than good enough to get my vote again.

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Cities: Skylines may have been a dark horse at first, but with After Dark it's now a formidable thoroughbred.

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Although not revolutionary, After Dark still brings some great new features to the table.

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To some players it's going to feel like a handful of aesthetic features, but once you use the new mechanics After Dark draws you deeper into making your own little world.

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