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Available on:PlayStation 4Oct 13, 2015
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Publisher: Rising Star Games

Genres: Art, Puzzle, Adventure

For progress, for humanity… for science! Responsible for many of mankind’s greatest achievements, science has done many wonderful things. But experiments to harness the power of shadow? If it sounds dangerous, that’s probably because it is. Especially if something goes wrong and harmless light becomes the deadliest thing imaginable… Set in a world where the rules of light and shadow no longer apply, One Upon Light sees you exploring the ruined remains of the Aurora Science’s labs in search of answers. What happened here? Who are you? And, most importantly, will things ever be the same again? The answers are there to find but whatever you do, don’t go into the light…

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One Upon Light is a bit of a quandary in a way. Technically it is a well crafted game without any bugs in sight. The look SUTD Game Lab has gone for with it stands out well, and works in the context of the game's setting. The soundwork is also very well done. The majority of puzzles are decent too, but it is the ones that take ages to get past, even though you know the solution, because of timing that remove a lot of goodwill for One Upon Light. There were points where fun wasn't being had because of them. At the same time One Upon Light feels very mechanical. All the pieces work together well but at the same time it is missing a certain spark. One Upon Light isn't a bad game, and if you're a puzzle fan you may enjoy it.

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An intriguing puzzle game let down by dull visuals and tiresome design.

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An interesting if conceptually unambitious effort, One Upon Light is an easily accessible puzzler that provides a decent amount of challenge – it's just a shame that the game isn't longer with a better handled narrative.

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Upon the light has a nice visual look and some interesting, if typical mechanics. The idea of light and darkness playing reverse roles is something I find interesting, but the puzzles and gameplay are what will bring people in to play. There is a slim story here but it's just a serviceable means to get to the end of the levels, nothing really more. Its feels more suitable to be a game you'd play on your phone or on a tablet versus consoles, but it's still enjoyable while it lasts. I'd like to see a bigger game with a broader scope from the team in the future, as the idea behind it is one that can be expanded in the future. Puzzle fans might want to take a look, just be sure to stay out of the light.

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