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One Upon Light

Rising Star Games
Oct 13, 2015 - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for One Upon Light

One Upon Light is a bit of a quandary in a way. Technically it is a well crafted game without any bugs in sight. The look SUTD Game Lab has gone for with it stands out well, and works in the context of the game's setting. The soundwork is also very well done. The majority of puzzles are decent too, but it is the ones that take ages to get past, even though you know the solution, because of timing that remove a lot of goodwill for One Upon Light. There were points where fun wasn't being had because of them. At the same time One Upon Light feels very mechanical. All the pieces work together well but at the same time it is missing a certain spark. One Upon Light isn't a bad game, and if you're a puzzle fan you may enjoy it.

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An intriguing puzzle game let down by dull visuals and tiresome design.

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An interesting if conceptually unambitious effort, One Upon Light is an easily accessible puzzler that provides a decent amount of challenge – it's just a shame that the game isn't longer with a better handled narrative.

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Upon the light has a nice visual look and some interesting, if typical mechanics. The idea of light and darkness playing reverse roles is something I find interesting, but the puzzles and gameplay are what will bring people in to play. There is a slim story here but it's just a serviceable means to get to the end of the levels, nothing really more. Its feels more suitable to be a game you'd play on your phone or on a tablet versus consoles, but it's still enjoyable while it lasts. I'd like to see a bigger game with a broader scope from the team in the future, as the idea behind it is one that can be expanded in the future. Puzzle fans might want to take a look, just be sure to stay out of the light.

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In spite of some of the fake difficulty it can throw at you, One Upon Light is fun, especially in unraveling some of the more trickier puzzles. The atmosphere and bits of story can easily help keep one hooked to it, so you may want to give this one a chance if you're up for a good puzzler. Just don't blame yourself if you pull the occasional hair out because your character has a lead foot.

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One Upon Light is a striking, beautiful game with a very unique style and crisp finish but one of the main problems I had was mixing greyscale colouring with a fairly busy environment

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One Upon Light doesn't quite nail down the stealth-meets-puzzle concept it's aiming for, but it comes incredibly close.

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One Upon Light is a pretty solid effort. It's found lacking in certain important areas, such as overall pacing, basic control, and general refinement, but its originality and challenge should be applauded. The story actually isn't half-bad (for a puzzle game, at any rate), there's inspired freshness in the myriad of ways we eventually solve certain puzzles, and the design is good without being especially great.

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