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Total War: ATTILA - Age of Charlemagne

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Available on:PCDec 10, 2015

Developer: Creative Assembly

Publisher: Sega

Genres: Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy

The world lays in tatters, exhausted, bleeding, scarred and burnt, the people desperate. But even after the apocalypse there are men willing to give everything to return to light, to knowledge, to civilisation. Whatever the cost, and whatever the means...

It is the age of a chosen few, an age of greatness, when the first true kings built vast kingdoms from the ashes of past empires... it is the Age of Charlemagne.

The year is 768AD and, after the death of his father, Charlemagne is to share the Frankish throne alongside his brother. A situation that ill-befits a man of his vision, and their relationship clouds as he feels the fiery blood of his grandfather, Charles Martel, stir in his veins.

Friends, enemies and opportunity populate a continent tired of conflict, the people eager for peace. Charlemagne finds himself at the head of a new age of education, religion and warfare, and sees all as tools to unite, stabilise… and expand.

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Total War: ATTILA - Age of Charlemagne - In-Engine Cinematic

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PC Gamer

74 / 100
PC Gamer

A diverse array of factions to try, that drag the Total War series back into the Medieval era.

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IGN Italy

8.3 / 10.0
IGN Italy

The "Medieval Viking Invasion" vibes are strong in this one. A good piece of DLC: doesn't offer too much new content but it's cheap for what it offers. And the foundations are as solid as ever.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

It's a step forward for the series and a step toward Total War: Medieval III. I hope the improvements here will inform that game, should it be on the drawing board. These gloriously attractive strategic sandboxes may be about the journey rather than the destination, but without a clear destination in sight, and without a shared objective to tie their factions together, they can become unwieldy. As a template for Total Warhammer, Charlemagne seems like a snug fit.

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7 / 10.0
Alex Hamilton

Age of Charlemagne is a great way to improve on a Total War engine that sorely needed extra testing and bug-cleaning. Tight, attractive and challenging, it's the perfect way to prepare for the upcoming Total War: Warhammer but also a good DLC in its own right.

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