Republique Remastered - Episode 4 - God's Acre

GungHo, Camouflaj
Dec 17, 2015 - PC

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Republique Remastered - Episode 4 - God's Acre Media

Republique Episode 4: "God's Acre" - Official Trailer thumbnail

Republique Episode 4: "God's Acre" - Official Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Republique Remastered - Episode 4 - God's Acre

Not to ruin anything, but the ending of God's Acre will leave you in absolute shock. No, more than the last one. I'm just going to be racked with anxiety until I play it.

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Republique Episode 4 is neither the weakest entry, nor the best. It's caught in the middle. Whether it's because of development troubles or simply to blame on the story, remains to be seen, and with a finale on the horizon, it still has a chance to end strong.

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Republique is a relatively simple stealth game with a lot of love dumped into its presentation and its world, but Episode 4's attempt to shake things up in both gameplay and plot is weak.

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God's Acre is a very focused episode, with very little backtracking and can be completed just under 2 hours without collecting everything. The core stealth action is the same, and the reduced OMNI abilities never feel like a hindrance. God's Acre is less frustrating than previous episodes and does not overstay its welcome, but does not change the formula enough to stand out.

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Time will tell if God's Acre is the portion of Republique you skip over before getting to its fifth episode. Before—and, hopefully, after—Republique has done much better.

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'God's Acre' continues to provide a great story for the overall 'Republique' title, but has some major flaws with its technical presentation. They are not game-breaking but definitely drag down what otherwise would have been a very sharp episode. I still heartily recommend the series, but players should expect to notice some touche engine level changes in the fourth episode.

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République Episode 4: God's Acre may not quite hits the highest of highs set in Episode 2: Metamorphosis, but it does attempt to freshen up the core concept, as well as bring in some more puzzle elements, as well as heap on plenty of extra layers for those already engrossed in the story. Ditching the multiple guards approach for one where there is just a solitary big monster with lots of surrounding noise hazards was a risky move, but it has been pulled off very well indeed.

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