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ChromaGun is ranked in the 44th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
70 / 100
Aug 23, 2017

ChromaGun is a fun and challenging game, and these characteristics make it very enjoyable and should satisfy fans of puzzle games. The lack of more content and its weak performance on the PlayStation 4 disturb it, but it's still a good game.

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7 / 10.0
Aug 16, 2017

Despite having some enjoyable puzzles, the choppy performance and sterile world make ChromaGun a far cry from the genius that is Portal.

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Mar 2, 2018

If, like me, you like this sort of thing, you’ll sort of like ChromaGun. The game’s inspirations are obvious, and although its puzzle credentials are well earned, it ultimately feels inconsequential. ChromaGun has just received a free demo on Switch, which is handy, as it’s the perfect example of something to try before you buy.

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6 / 10.0
Jan 24, 2018

In the end ChromaGun is an interesting perspective (quite literally) on a puzzle game and offers a series of clever challenges that will test your planning and patience. If you’re able to appreciate the details of presentation for what they are rather than perhaps what they were aimed to be that will also help greatly. While it isn’t quite on target, for puzzle fans looking for some variety it delivers something unique on the Switch.

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7 / 10
Feb 24, 2018

Pixel Maniacs’ effort might share an awful lot in common with Valve’s Portal series but those parallels are only skin deep. At its core, ChromaGun takes something as simple as colours (something we’re all familiar with) to craft an inventive puzzler unlike anything currently on Switch. Outside its short runtime and sometimes frustrating difficulty, ChromaGun is still a smart and entertaining challenge perfect for those that like their brain being truly tested.

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Geeks Under Grace
Joshua Brant
7 / 10.0
Feb 28, 2018

ChromaGun seems to try and be like Portal, but when it tries to be a unique experience it mostly succeeds, and is a worthy addition to any puzzle enthusiasts library.

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Goomba Stomp
Maxwell N
5 / 10.0
Feb 1, 2018

While unique and interesting in concept, ChromaGun falls flat in execution owing to numerous flaws with its gameplay and presentation.

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Jordan Humphries
Jan 22, 2018

Overall, I think ChromaGun is a solid title that has a fairly unique presence on the eShop at this moment. If you’re into Portal or something like Q.U.B.E. then you’ll probably get along just swell with this one. It’s a simple concept that does make you think and it’s satisfying solving the sometimes difficult puzzles. On the other hand, the steep price will, and should, make you think twice when it’s available on other platforms more affordably. You can also claim they haven’t done enough to scale the game up visually for the Switch. In that regard, ChromaGun gets a decent seven out of 10. If the price is cut down in the future then you could consider adding a half or one to this score, but as it stands, that’s my feeling on ChromaGun.

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5 / 10
Aug 30, 2017

Chromagun wears its influences on its sleeve but fails to recreate the magic of its forebears.

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6 / 10.0
Aug 22, 2017

In short, it has to be said that Chroma Gun is an enjoyable title, which will surely satisfy many. However, it simply feels out-of-time in today’s market, as its overall quality is subpar in comparison to other indie titles which came out earlier this year, or even years prior. It simply feels dated, and in many ways, out of place.

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7.2 / 10.0
Jan 21, 2018

Chromagun is a solid and entertaining puzzle game in the style of Portal. Some of the riddle can really shine but the game suffers from technical problems and an unbalanced difficulty.

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Aug 16, 2017

If you fancy something a little different, want to grab a shed load of Gamerscore and find yourself constantly harking back to the days of Portal, then this is the one for you.

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61 / 100
Jul 30, 2016
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