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Blood Alloy: Reborn

Suppressive Fire Games, Nkidu Games
Mar 2, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Blood Alloy: Reborn

Currently, Bloody Alloy: Reborn feels more like an Early Access title or proof-of-concept than a finalized product, so it is hard to recommend unless you love beating your own high scores and are starving for a fast Strider-like experience.

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Suppressive Fire Games releases Blood Alloy: Reborn after a failed Kickstarter campaign, but problems with basic gameplay elements hinder a title that had potential.

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Blood Alloy: Reborn could have been something special, but it's a clear victim of limited funding and hurried development.

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With an exhilarating combat system and all the right intentions, Blood Alloy: Reborn had the potential to become an excellent score-based title. As it stands, however, its glaring omissions mark it as a missed opportunity.

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I have to give it to Suppressive Fire Games; Blood Alloy: Reborn has a great set of guts

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If it was only a matter of bug fixes, control adjusting, and overall rebalancing, the final judgment would be much more positive, because, when Blood Alloy: Reborn is at its best, it is truly magnificent, since it seamlessly blends rapid shooting, sword fighting, and platforming, with addictive and challenging high score-chasing - plus it looks and sounds fantastic. Sadly, the problems begin when one realises that there's not really much to do here, with pleasure soon giving way to boredom.

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Although fun for a little while, Blood Alloy lacks variety and fails to capture the player’s interests. At its best, it’s a fast paced run ‘n’ gunner that fails to explain itself; at its worst, it’s dull, buggy and makes use of cheap techniques to keep players torturing themselves.

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Don't bother playing Blood Alloy: Reborn, you'll save on migraine pills.

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