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Forced Showdown

Mar 29, 2016 - PC

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Forced Showdown Teaser Trailer - February 2016

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Critic Reviews for Forced Showdown

I really wanted to like Forced Showdown. Maybe there’s something about it that just didn’t *click* with me. Too many half-baked ideas does not a casserole make, my mother always said. If they had taken the time to expand on what makes each of the genres compelling, this could have been a whole different review. Instead, it’s a hot mess on your keyboard.

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Forced Showdown is a game that left very little impact on me. I played it, it was a game, and I understood every part of it. The parts come together nicely, but aren't mechanically deep at all. Combat is simple, even with the card system at play, the structure is extremely repetitive, and everything else just falls in line around that. It has been getting very frequent updates, which is great, but unfortunately the base game needs more than just patches to really stand out.

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…once you finally piece together all of the concepts and strategies the game borrows from other genres you’ll quickly become a crowd favorite on the Galactic Game Show.

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FORCED SHOWDOWN combines TCG mechanics and roguelite action gameplay into an enjoyable arcade mix that will appeal to a wide audience.

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Let's just say that you'll be putting in a ridiculous amount of time into Forced Showdown.

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Nothing about it feels genuine, nor is any of it engaging enough to sustain more than a few hours of interest.

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Nevertheless I have to give BetaDwarf props for trying something different here by mixing up an original blend of genres and for creating something innovative. And although I’m afraid I’m going to have to recommend the original Forced over Showdown any day, I really hope that this team keeps striving to create new and interesting concepts because that is sadly something pretty hard to come by nowadays.

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Forced: Showdown is a nice experiment that worked: the trading cards and hack 'n slash mechanics blend in really well. While not a perfect game, it's worth a shot by the fans of both genres.

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