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Stellar Jockeys, Gausswerks
Jun 2, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Brigador

Beyond a fairly daunting control and difficulty curve, Brigador is a gorgeous top-down shooter with a remarkable level of strategy.

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Brigador is a destructive romp filled with explosions and death, brought to you by some of the coolest robots around.

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None of these niggles do much to detract from the overall experience, though, and despite them Brigador ends up a thrilling, hectic vehicle shooter that's quite a bit deeper than the forebears that inspired it.

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Brigador delivers fun retro style gameplay in a very pretty package. The amount of strategy and planning that go into completing each mission elevate Brigador above being a run of the mill top down shooter and provides a much deeper gameplay experience. While the difficult control scheme and aiming system may turn some players off, Brigador will still provide hours of entertainment for fans of retro games.

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If the basic premise of letting loose giant, hulking murder-mechs and terror-tanks on city districts literally full of destructibles and enemies is cool, then the execution is absolutely magnificent.

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A polished, varied isometric shooter with a dollop of strategy about blowing up makeshift mechs and flattening a cyberpunk SimCity build, one apartment block at a time. Difficult to get comfortable with, but rewarding once you do.

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At a basic aesthetic level, the game is also a treat. Each of the 42 maps were hand-drawn by the small team at Stellar Jockeys, and the work shows.

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Brigador is, at the end of the day, a board game about carnage. In a landscape of games that either make you feel bad for seeing these atrocities, or turn you into a legitimate sociopath, it is a rare gem that manages to make you forget that what you just blew up was someone's home. Reaching each goal is satisfying, and for that, Brigador should feel very proud of what it's accomplished.

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