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Champions of Anteria

Ubisoft, Blue Byte
Aug 30, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Champions of Anteria

Champions of Anteria delivers a light-hearted fantasy romp with solid strategy elements, but a lack of content beneath surface level means the game lacks that special something.

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Overall, I enjoyed my time with Champions of Anteria. The visuals are beautiful, and it's easy to see why someone high up at Ubisoft might have wanted to save the work their artists did. The game is a unique blend of genres that I haven't seen attempted anywhere else, and it gets more right than it does wrong. I don't think it's necessarily for everyone, but there's a free demo available if you'd like to try it out and see if it's something you'd enjoy.

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This game mixes perfectly strategy with role playing. Its progression system is very complete and the story that it features is funny and interesting.

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Champions of Anteria is a good example of how to combine management phases and action-RPG sections without altering either of the two.

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Packaged together, Champions of Anteria is neither awful nor the next best thing in RTS. Instead, it is a worthwhile title that makes a pretty successful experiment into some new RTS elements that I wouldn’t mind seeing in other titles. And although the moment-to-moment gameplay may be underwhelming to RTS fans, I’m willing to overlook janky control issues when the developer takes worthwhile risks.

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Champions of Anteria is based on an excellent idea but has too many structural problems. It is, in the end, a two-faced product, divided between a good strategic section and a boring action phase.

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Champions of Anteria is a dull, repetitive, and inconsistent attempt to make a RTS/MOBA hybrid. The strategy sections of the game feel undercooked to the point of being inconsequential to the rest of the game, while the broken AI and repetitive gameplay of the tactical RPG sections offer little that other games aren’t doing better. Champions of Anteria feels like a game made by someone who doesn’t really understand what people like about strategy games or MOBA’s, and at a $30 price, I can’t see recommending it to anyone.

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Solid core systems, but poor presentation and technical issues hold it back.

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