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Crush Your Enemies

Gambitious Digital Entertainment, Vile Monarch
Jul 13, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Crush Your Enemies

The puzzle-like missions of Crush Your Enemies are a lot of fun, as you race against the clock in a frantic rush to defeat the enemies, or simply grind with sheer weight of numbers. Ignoring the crass sense of humour and forgetable story, Crush Your Enemies does an admirable job of distilling the strategy genre down into a bitesized form.

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Crush Your Enemies offers a quicker take on the RTS genre that both hardcore and casual fans will be able to get wrapped up in. It may not be a game-changer, but if you’ve been looking for an RTS with no nonsense then this is the one to get.

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Crush Your Enemies is an RTS that’ll hold your attention for a little while, with toilet humour you’ll either appreciate or hate, but there are plenty of better games in the genre already on the market.

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Vile Monarch's quirky RTS is as easy to learn as an Angry Birds game, with speedy levels to match

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Pleasantly simple and with a sense of humor that fades in tandem with its tactical formula, Crush Your Enemies delivers fast-paced strategy with an old school look and an anti-fantasy flair. A bargain at $10, it provides a few hours of fun, but nothing more.

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Crush your Enemies! is a fun strategy title on Switch that fills a need that I didn't realize I had. By cutting out a lot of the hoops RTS players are accustomed to jumping through, the shiny core of the genre is revealed.

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Rather than investing in an immersive, intuitive, enjoyable gameplay experience, they have, unfortunately, created a generic and rather boring click fest of a game.

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Horrendous dialogue, overly simplistic controls and mechanics make for a terrible adventure for Brog and his Barbarians. Although it’s admirable to make a simplistic RTS, doing so completely strips any ability for the player to overcome the unfair odds that the game presents as soon as the tutorials come to an abrupt end.

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