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Chime Sharp

Chilled Mouse, Twistplay
Jul 19, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Chime Sharp - Official Trailer [Steam - PC/Mac/Linux]

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Critic Reviews for Chime Sharp

Chime Sharp is a good, fun puzzle game that builds upon the ideas of its predecessors in all the right ways. It’s gorgeous to look at, each level flows with the consistency and rhythm that you’d hope for, and the soundtrack is one of the best in video games. It does get a tad tedious, and there are a few things they certainly could’ve done a better job explaining, but it’s well worth the ride if you like your puzzle games to be fast and challenging.

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Chime Sharp is maybe a tiny bit bare bones compared to its competitors, with no multiplayer and fairly short round times, but the focused precision really suits the game here, and it’s nonetheless a fantastic chillout puzzle game, one I highly recommend.

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Chime Sharp is an incredibly simple game, just like the original, but the dynamic soundtrack and mesmerizing gameplay makes for an exceptional experience.

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All in all, Chime Sharp is still a great puzzle game that is simple to play and fun to learn. Those in the zone moments are great, and the constant feel of "just one more try" is here and just as addicting as the previous games. Any puzzle fan out there should add this one to their library.

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With throwback games being all the rage in independent development, many developers have chosen to go the 8/16-bit, pixelated, "ain't this cute?" route to tap into nostalgia while bringing along more modern systems and mechanics. Chime Sharp goes the opposite route; it may look like a modern game, but it feels like an older game in the best ways possible. With its highly accessible gameplay style and a difficult-to-master level of play, Chime Sharp is an easy endorsement for virtually all gamers.

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From its smooth tunes, to its hypnotic shape matching,Chime Sharp is a lean, mean music puzzling machine.

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Puzzles genre have a new member. Chime Sharp wants to contribute new features in the genre with a minimalistic proposal in the visual section, but with a lot of game modes among which it is difficult not to find one that suits your tastes.

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Addictive rhythmic game with very uneven soundtrack. Mostly for hardcore fans of genre.

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