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Goat Simulator

Coffee Stain Studios
Apr 1, 2014 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Goat Simulator Official Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Goat Simulator

The worst gaming goat since that one in Broken Sword. This is a dumb, limited novelty game that's not worth the asking price.

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Goat Simulator is a clever piece of interactive satire powered by hilarious ragdoll physics and its embracing of bugs.

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Amusing for an hour or so, and likely even more enjoyable with a group of onlookers reacting to the onscreen nonsense

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Even if the price was right (and that price is free, regardless of platform) Goat Simulator is not worth playing. It's a game designed for YouTube, not the average consumer. Reward this shrewd business decision by not buying this game and just watching some clips online instead.

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It's not a particularly baaaad game, and it achieves what it sets out to do, but there's not enough content there, nor hilarity outside of its initial gag, to keep you playing for more than an hour or so. It's fun while it lasts, but it doesn't last for long.

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Providing that you are in on the joke, you are almost guaranteed to have a good time – albeit only for a few hours a best. Running around as a goat is something I never imagined I wanted to do, but it turns out it's incredibly fun. The bugs and general lack of polish do have a negative effect on the game and the short playtime will have some questioning whether it's worth the asking price. But if you are looking for a couple of hours of fun with a lot of laughs, you cant go wrong with Goat Simulator.

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Goat Simulator lets users run around headbutting gas stations and causing explosions. As you might have guessed, it defies categorization.

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In a way, Goat Simulator calls to mind the other big "Simulator" game, Surgeon Simulator 2013, in that it doesn't try to take players money and run. It acknowledges its silly premise and gets a surprising amount of mileage out of it. Only a very particular type of gamer will give Goat Simulator a try, but those who do will be pleasantly surprised.

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