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Based on 13 critic reviews
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Available on:PCOct 4, 2016

Publisher: Trion Worlds

Genres: Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy

Atlas Reactor is a new kind of PvP battle arena that fuses simultaneous turns with tactical team combat. Quick, timed turns challenge players to quickly read a constantly changing battlefield, master and customize their heroes of choice, and coordinate with teammates to take down enemies.

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Atlas Reactor – The Case: Cinematic Open Beta Trailer

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GameSpot Staff
8 / 10

Atlas Reactor is a turn-based PvP game inspired by XCOM and Dota that's refreshingly fun.

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8.5 / 10.0
Chris Wray

Atlas Reactor is one of a kind. An incredibly inventive, addictive and compelling online fast-paced turn-based tactical game. It looks fantastic, plays great and has so little to bring it down that it's well worth anybody’s time.

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83 / 100

Each freelancer also has unlockable mods for their skills that you can configure before each round.

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8.6 / 10.0

But therein lies the beauty: Atlas Reactor is something special amid a world filled with one too many MOBAs, team shooters, and card games. I truly hope it takes off like wildfire, though I fear it may be destined to be niche with its Competitive XCOM flare and somewhat steep learning curve. Once Atlas Reactor clicks for you, I promise you’ll be hooked. It hits the sweet spot in match length, has loads of replay value, and scratches the competitive itch. More than that, its community seems bright and helpful, the gameplay itself doesn’t require 200 APM skills, and you’ll succeed with quick thinking and careful tactics more than pitch-perfect aiming.

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Recent News

Atlas Reactor, the 'XCOM meets Overwatch' strategy game, is closing

Atlas Reactor, the 'XCOM meets Overwatch' strategy game, is closing

Trion Worlds says the game is no longer sustainable.

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