Carnival Games VR

2K Games, Cat Daddy Games
Oct 28, 2016 - Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR
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Critic Reviews for Carnival Games VR

Carnival games falls so short of achieving anything good that it’s genuinely hard to think of a reason for anyone to buy it.

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Carnival Games VR is an unexpected hit in my house. The intuitive control scheme made it fun for gamers and non-gamers alike. While having multiple players was cumbersome, there is a nausea-free simple and enjoyable VR experience.

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Great for kids, but might not be enough there for older VR gamers.

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Although, its ticket based reward system is broken and a good number of games have inconsistent star requirements.

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Carnival Games VR is about as entertaining as a funfair organised by gypsies in a community centre's car park. The tracking issues don't help, but the actual moment-to-moment gameplay is so morbidly boring that you may need medical attention to resuscitate you from this virtual reality yawn-fest. In a word: candydross.

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Carnival Games VR shouldn’t be counted out because of its simplicity. In fact, it’s that very nature that makes it one of the must have experiences on PlayStation VR. The 12 games each provide distinct experiences that are addicting in their own ways, some more than others. Instant gratification keeps me hitting retry for just one more throw, one more minute, one more ride, and before I know it I’ve lost time to the coalescing of those primal parts of myself and the presence of virtual reality.

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Beyond the minigames there isn’t a lot here. You have a playroom to store unlocked toys and throw them around a bit should you wish. It offers about three minutes of entertainment. The overworld carnival is populated by freakish bearded women and young children with supernatural reflexes, dodging every projectile you launch their way. The carnival barker attempts to be amusing, mostly without success, and will soon be repeating himself to the point you curse that he too has supernatural reflexes.

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A party game through and through, despite the lack of multiplayer.

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