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100ft Robot Golf

No Goblin
Oct 10, 2016 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for 100ft Robot Golf

100ft Robot Golf lives up to the hilarity of its premise in every way, except when it has to be a golf game.

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I feel bad about panning a game that I adore in principle -- it’s scrappy and unabashedly enthusiastic, which historically has been my jam -- so let me close by saying I appreciate where No Goblin is coming from. 100ft Robot Golf the idea is commendable, but 100ft Robot Golf the video game is a lot harder to appreciate.

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If you fancy a golf game as far away from simulation as possible then this is most definitely for you. It isn’t the smartest or the sharpest game on the market, but it still grabs you despite its flaws.

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A decent party game that's fun with friends, 100ft Robot Golf is bonkers. It's not always fun though, with slow robots, poor VR support and short play time.

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100ft Robot Golf delivers a winning combination of sci-fi anime and nicely playable golf. It won't win any awards for production values, but it's such a fun solo experience and manic laugh in multiplayer that you'll be happy to look past that. Importantly for PlayStation VR owners, piloting a 100ft Robot is a joy in virtual reality mode – but the core gameplay works fine in the standard not-as-cool regular mode.

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100ft Robot Golf is an ambitious title that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s far better due to this, and while it’s not the most polished golf you can play on PS4, it’s certainly the most fun. I do have questions about the game’s longevity (as there are only 36 holes), but the unique gameplay is the draw right now. Hopefully more courses will be released as DLC, but until then I’ll be causing destruction while I golf in an underwater city and on the moon.

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100ft Robot Golf is a good laugh and a solid game. If an anime spoof is up your alley you owe it to yourself to check this one out, as does anybody looking for a good multiplayer bash for nights when mates are around having a few beers. The golf may be simple but there is fun to be had, just don’t expect much staying power for solo sessions.

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100ft Robot Golf is a uniquely stylized way of playing golf. I dig the use of anime, giant robots and a traditional golf game. I can’t see myself playing through the campaign more than once, even if I need to collect more medals to unlock the remaining items. The option of playing the game with PlayStation VR is a decent touch, but the game is entirely serviceable without it.

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