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Coatsink Software Ltd
Oct 4, 2016 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 5

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Push Square
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The Games Machine
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Shu - Launch Trailer | PS4, PS Vita

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Critic Reviews for Shu

Shu is a great platformer inspired by some classic games, and although it never quite lives up to that inspiration, it still delivers a fun experience.

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Shu is a game plagued by its own potential. With tight platforming and shifting abilities, this bite sized game could have been a real treat. Instead, you find yourself constantly bogged down in small frustrations and game breaking crashes. I like the game Shu is trying to be, but not the game it is.

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Racing against your own ghost is fun, but not for long.

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Shu is a decent 2D platformer that puts gameplay first, and in stripping away needless distractions provides a refreshing and pleasant few hours of fun. The art style and soundtrack are pretty good, giving way to some lovely sights and sounds on your journey, while the ever-changing set of abilities ensures the game is able to provide new challenges throughout. There are numerous collectibles and other goals to encourage players to stick around, although it all feels somewhat inconsequential. Overall, Shu is a fun distraction that goes to show games don't have to be complex in order to entertain.

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Shu is not exactly a memorable experience, mostly because of its non-existent difficulty and derivative gameplay. Nonetheless, the game from Coatsink is perfect for touch and go moments, has a peculiar style and art, and a peaceful soundtrack.

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Shu is a charming and elegant little platformer that surprised me with its fast, but also calming, gameplay

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Shu is a no frills approach to the classic 2D platformer. With a beautiful artstyle, fine-tuned controls, and a brisk difficulty, Shu is a short but sweet experience. However, even with collectibles and time modes, some players will likely be turned off by the simple controls and lack of innovation.

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While it’s nice to know that players can extend their time in Shu, it’s not needed for me to give it a recommendation. As even if you only play through Shu once, it’s absolutely worth doing so. It’s a love letter to a fantastic genre, and is such a pleasant way to spend an evening. It may not be a grand adventure like Super Mario World, but I enjoyed every single second of it, and that can’t be said about most games.

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