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Available on:PlayStation VROct 20, 2016

Publisher: Oasis Games

Genre: Action

Pixel Gear is a pixel style VR shoot-em-up game with a variety of humorous cartoon monsters and ghosts as enemies.. Use your skills and weapons to defeat them, gain energy and apply your skills wisely to slow down the time and load infinite bullets. Observe the environment carefully. Do not miss the ghosts with stealth abilities as they can supply tons of magical items to help you. Keep on shooting, in the pixel battle field!

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Pixel Gear is the first VR game I have felt underwhelmed by. Once the initial awe of looking around a voxel world wears off you’re left with quite a dull wave shooter that lacks any depth to it. The whole experience takes an hour to see and bar raising the difficulty or trying to beat a score there really is no reason to go back. Yet it has some of the most responsive shooting in a VR game which is one of the sole highlights, which other developers should take note of. It just feels like Pixel Gear needed more time and content before being available for purchase.

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Pixel Gear is an example of a product that feels more like a demo than a full fledged game. The actual shooting mechanics are integrated quite well giving you a good feeling of control, but the slow pace and lack of content lead to an overall disappointing experience with Pixel Gear.

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While the shooting mechanics are solid, the overall game just feels bland and repetitive.

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I can’t say I loved Pixel Gear VR. It works well enough and the shooting mechanics are fun, yet with the limited enemies and levels, I felt the repetition hitting fast and hard. It was the bosses that made me continue to work my way through each of the waves as they were the highlight of my time. The pixel effects of blocks exploding and the visuals work well with VR, but with the short playtime, lack of variation or substance of levels, really brings down the experience.

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