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Destiny: House of Wolves

Bungie, Activision
May 19, 2015 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Official Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Destiny: House of Wolves

Like much of House of Wolves, it feels like part of a more harmonious relationship between Destiny and its players. So much of what has defined Destiny has come through that playful friction between the two - the loot cave, the deliberate disconnects to down Crota and all that glorious cheese - but now it feels like they're pulling together. This isn't a radical overhaul of Destiny, but it's a serious step in the right direction, and it's enough to suggest that the heroic comeback and more widespread adulation might not be too far off after all.

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House of Wolves is the first time since Destiny launched eight and a half months ago that I feel a glimmer of hope about the game's future.

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Bungie took a rooster, slicked its hair back, and dressed it up as a human. House of Wolves is the Chicken Boo of video game DLC.

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The Destiny diehards out there might love it, but House of Wolves won't convert many skeptics.

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House Of Wolves manages to be a well-rounded expansion with a lot to offer and content to experience. Even if that comes at the trade of having max level so easily accessible and the same recycled story environments.

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An improvement on The Dark Below, and for those who were still playing it gives them a little more reason to carry on.

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The House of Wolves is easily the best of the two expansions currently available, only predicated by the fact you'll need friends to play it with to explore the full birth of its features. The free update content makes the base game much more approachable to new players or for old ones to build secondary characters, all while smoothing out a great many of the original's limitations. The narrative is lackluster at best and haphazard at worst, but if you're still playing Destiny at this point that's probably something you've grown to tolerate. All and all this a great expansion to purchase if you haven't already, and one to be proud of if you already did.

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Make no doubt about it, at the end of the day House of Wolves DLC is an improvement over The Dark Below DLC, but it could have been so much more.

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