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Siegecraft Commander

Blowfish Studios
Jan 17, 2017 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Siegecraft Commander

Siegecraft Commander it's an extremely good idea poorly done, specially on its console versions.

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While launching towers to expand your base is a fun mechanic and visual, you are essentially made to draw a bow in the direction you wish to fire: the more the bow is drawn the further the tower will launch.

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Siegecraft Commander is a good idea which very nearly works. There is a lot of game packed in, and if a decent multiplayer community can be formed then it could be a fun one to be part of. The problem is the wonky control system which never quite feels right and undermines much of the good stuff on display.

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Siege Commander is enjoyable at first, and throwing towers, cows and TNT is fun. The game's medieval setting and cartoony art style adds a nice touch to the gameplay, both campaign and multiplayer. However, having a tower land where you want is very awkward and more trouble than it should be. Little annoyances then start to set in, such as lag that causes problems when you build too many towers. Unfortunately the game just gets annoying and repetitive after a while, ultimately falling short in keeping you engaged for any significant time.

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It's a game that can become entertaining but fails in the performance of technical elements and the main gameplay

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Siegecraft Commander can be really satisfying to play at times, especially when you have a large network of buildings and are storming and bombarding your enemies keep. Sadly the game does become boring towards the end of both campaigns, and its controls and lackluster turn-based mode aren’t fun to play. If you are looking for something new to pick up in the genre on PC, I could recommend Siegecraft Commander, but if you are looking to jump into the genre with a really engaging game on console or PC, I would look elsewhere, and wait for Halo Wars 2 next month.

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The good news about Siegecraft Commander’s current state is that it has plenty of room (and clear directions) in which to grow, but unless there’s a pretty substantial day-one patch I’m not aware of, you should steer clear until Blowfish corrects the game’s many issues.

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I appreaciate the developer for trying something innovative, but their idea does not work. AI makes very unpleasant opponents to play with and the multiplayer mode is dead from the start – even with cross-play with PCs!

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