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Badland Games, Santa Clara Games
Jul 22, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for 8Days

If you are looking for a personality soaked nostalgia piece, that is as charming as it is challenging, then 8Days should fit the bill quite nicely. Though far from perfect, its charm helps cut through the frustrating quirks and lackluster checkpoint system. For some reason, even war crimes are more fun in 8-bit. So channel your inner Rambo, and stock up on ammo. You’ve got lots of cursing to do.

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The frantic nature of the gameplay coupled with the appropriate difficulty of the game combine to deliver a fresh experience that is best suited for co-op play.

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If you really enjoy the retro genre and a truly challenging game then this might be for you, but you can expect some serious punishment along the way.

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In 8DAYS the death is looking at you in every corner. You are a prisoner of war and you will have to escape your abductor from the torture room in which you were incarcerated. The game has a much higher difficulty than usual so the challenge is served. The isometric action closely compared with 'Hotline Miami' is what awaits you in this game in which you will not stop dying over and over again throughout the whole adventure.

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8Days is a game inspired by better ones in the same genre, and fails to deliver on its promises. Poor aiming, cheat AI, and texture difficulties create a frustrating experience that is more hair pulling than deliberately challenging.

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It's fair to say that often the game bites off more that it can chew. The more tenacious players will get the most from 8DAYS. Those who are willing to embrace dips in pacing, balance and fairness will see equal spikes in design, direction and gameplay. Those who rely on a sturdy narrative or a strict structure to provide their gaming enjoyment will be put off by the varying styles and direction. It is a worthy effort, but only to be enjoyed by a select few.

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I could perhaps recommend this game to those looking for a crushingly difficult dual stick shooting game. It's humorous at times and it does have some personality to it. It is the kind of game that could be brilliant with a few tweaks here and there, but presented as it, I do find it difficult to recommend to most people.

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8DAYS tries to replicate the thrill and aggressive nature of a twin-stick shooter and apply it to a mercenary gunning down enemies, but forgets about the part where an endless supply of ammo would've been useful. Having to rely on using stealth to traverse the chapters out of fear of wasting ammo kind of defeats the purpose of calling it a "shooter." While the cheap enemies and finite supply of health packs mixed with the extremely reflexive gameplay further dampens the product, 8DAYS leaves a lot to be desired, as it is a constant reminder of what could've been a really fun game.

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