Aliens Go Home Run

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85 / 100
Feb 22, 2017

Aliens Go Home Run is a title that packs a punch and has the balls to mix Breakout with shoot-em-up action. It’s a game that aims to be a fun little diversion, and accomplishes that goal quite well. At $4, it’s a must buy for anyone looking for a palate cleanser in the sea of AAA games.

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Feb 21, 2017
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7 / 10.0
Feb 13, 2017

A fun, colourful throwback to yesteryear whose quirky charm and addictive gameplay just about outweigh its issues.

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7 / 10
Feb 12, 2017

Aliens Go Home Run is a solid package and injects new life into the genre, presenting a unique and enjoyable game with elements of the bat and ball genre, while requiring bullet-dodging skills of 2D shooting games. There is enough variety as levels progress to keep the player motivated, and the score attack aspect and the custom level feature may keep the dedicated coming back once the last level is completed.

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8 / 10.0
Apr 23, 2017

Aliens Go Home Run is a cracking little arcade inspired title. Mixing elements of Breakout, Galaxian and Baseball, it provides a familiar concept, but one that does something a little bit different. It's a game that you can pick up and play right away, but will take forever to become an expert in.

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9 / 10
Feb 20, 2017

The slick, fun gameplay coupled with the brilliantly nostalgic visuals and sound effects is immensely enjoyable – and especially considering its ridiculously cheap asking price, I can’t recommend it enough.

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Feb 3, 2017

Aliens Go Home hits it out of the park!

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