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Hidden Folks

Adriaan de Jongh, Sylvain Tegroeg
Feb 15, 2017 - PC

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God is a Geek
7 / 10
Hardcore Gamer
3.5 / 5
Game Debate
8 / 10
7 / 10
9 / 10
Digitally Downloaded
2.5 / 5
8 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is a little obtuse at times but otherwise it's delightful and compelling.

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Hidden Folks may be on the short side, and has its occasional hair-pulling moment, but the hefty amount of charm it has in even the smallest individual, combined with some particularly clever puzzle design, make it worth taking at least one quick spin with.

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Game Debate

Joffy S
8 / 10.0
Game Debate

A nostalgic blast from the past, anyone who ever used to love Where’s Wally and any books of that type will be thrilled by giving Hidden Folks a go. There are no pressures and no limit to speak of, so it really is one of the more relaxing titles around. The sort of game you just want to sit down and play for a couple of chin stroking hours with a piping hot cup of tea.

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Those who run away at the sound of the words "hidden object game" should actually stay put because Hidden Folks is one of the better ones out there, with its tiny-yet-gargantuan worlds and "mouth-sound" audio effects giving it a unique, playful, and almost magical charm, and the gameplay portion seamlessly blends fun, challenge, and some welcome amounts of cooling off.

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It is hard to say the game's hand painted illustrations, funny voices or smart tips are the strong points. Hidden Folks will leave you in a very big universe and let you find your own way. The variety and detail of the levels are the other strong points of the game. You will never get exhausted by looking at the cities and the jungles. Searching for something has never been this enjoyable and fun!

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Hidden Folks is good as a mild diversion, but doesn't offer much beyond that. The development team seems to have missed what made Where's Wally books truly special - it wasn't simply in packing the books full of stuff, and then challenging people to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. It was in filling the books with vibrant, exciting, and imagination-stirring scenes. Hidden Folks doesn't do that.

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It’s hard to tell whether it’s the mouth-made sound effects, nifty clues, or funny characters that are the cutest part of Hidden Folks, but it’s easy to lose yourself in its strange and captivating world for a couple of hours.

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If you like Hidden Folks' trailer, buy it. It's that simple.

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