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Available on:PlayStation VRFeb 28, 2017

Publisher: Oasis Games

Genres: Horror, Adventure

Six Chapters in a twisted story featuring Mathew, the main character who went out to look for his missing sister, only to find himself waking up in a dilapidated and eerie hotel with seemingly no way out. Old School puzzle-solving gameplay reminiscent of adventure game classics mixed with impressive first-person visuals that make for a gritty and immersive experience. Fans of movie series such as Saw need to look no further: a mysterious fish-head nemesis, a grudge, a series of never-ending trials and a shocking ending will satisfy all your needs.

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That rather stunted value proposition alone is enough to sour the deal, as frankly better, more fully-realized efforts in the VR space are available for less or free of charge. Credible as it is taken solely on its own, DYING: Reborn VR comes across as a cynically motivated cash grab rather than a genuinely developed standalone product. And in an age where what's considered acceptable for a VR game is changing, that renders the game's prospects dead on arrival.

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Dying: Reborn is the worst game I've played on the PSVR. It's a broken, glitchy mess that not even a few admittedly well designed puzzles can make up for, and while the PSVR version may cost less, the heavy amount of cut content means you aren't getting a deal, you're just paying for a demo.

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There was a real opportunity for DYING: Reborn to shine on virtual reality, but the end result feels like a cruel joke.

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With a lot more polish and focus on making VR a primary component of the game, DYING: Reborn VR could have been a great room escape experience for the platform. Instead it feels like its a hasty cash grab intended to capitalize on VR hype by being sold as a separate, pared down experience and not adapting the full extent of DYING: Reborn. This is the epitome of cut content being (poorly) repackaged and sold as a separate product, a truly bad move that disrespects the very audience it is trying to impress.

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DYING: Reborn – Teaser Trailer | PlayStation VR, PS4 and PS Vita System

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